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MAC Warm & Cozy Product Pictures & First Impressions

MAC Warm & Cozy hits counters in January, just about the right time of the year me thinks as it’s nude selection of shades does have me thinking warm and cozy thoughts on a cold Winter’s night!

MAC Warm & Cozy 8

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Stocking Stuffer Idea: Vintage Sister Lip Indulgences

stocking stuffer ideas

Here’s a stocking stuffer (or gift idea for friends and family who have a lip balm obsession.


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Sneak Peek: Givenchy Spring Collection 2010

Whoa, Voce already has the good word out on the Givenchy Spring Collection!

Givenchy Spring Collection 2010 5

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The Muse’s Mail Bag

mail bag

The Muse is going to try out a new feature on Musings which I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called Mail Bag and it’s basically a Q&A session. I get alot of e-mail and sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed and take a long time to reply because I have so much going on. In an effort to answer more e-mails I’ve decided to start a post where I can share my answer with not only the person who wrote to me but also with all of you. I thought this would be a fun way to share what a reader might be asking me and maybe you can even offer them advice of your own or have the same question on your mind.

What do you think? I kind of like the idea!

For my first mail bag post I’ll be answering some questions from Crystal. Crystal thanks so much for all your questions, phew you had alot, good times!

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The Muse’s Gift Guide: 20 Palettes for $20 or Under

Muse's Gift

I love gift cards.

Gift cards for holidays, birthdays, special occasions, I don’t care whatever it is I love ‘em. I like giving gift cards alot.

Ok, go on, you can say it. OMG Muse you impersonal biatch! But listen….my sister is the type of person that freaking has everything and alot of my friend’s are like that too. It’s really difficult settling on a gift for people like that so gift cards are so awesome. I really like the idea of giving someone a little extra cash to spend at their favorite store, it’s a rather great thing for the receiver in my humblest.

Now to some extent I agree they are kinda impersonal which is why I always try to spice up the gift card with a small gift or little goodies to make up for the impersonal aspect of the card itself.

Here are 20 GREAT palette ideas that are $20 and under which would be great to stuff in a stocking, give as a small gift to people, or to accompany with a gift card.