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Hauled It: MAC Rose Romance Dejarose Creations

I have a thing for Victorian England. I won’t go into great detail about my “thing” but I commonly associate Victorian England with roses. Corsets, the streets of London, scented gloves, bustles, and the sweet scent of a rose, all remind me of Victorian England.

This silly Muse completely overlooked the MAC Creations Perfume in Dejarose upon it’s original release with MAC Rose Romance GASP!

But have no fear I hauled it on sale…


Steal it after the jump!


Beauty News: The Noxzema Original Deep Clean In New Clothes

When I was but a wee Muse, in what now would be called my tweens or around my early teen years, I can recall my cousin Lisa being absolutely, positively obsessed with Noxzema. Remember the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how he thought the cure all to everything was Windex? That’s was my cousin! She thought the sun set and rose around Noxzema. I swear the girl used it for everything and blamed it for the crazy pure white, flawless skin she had going on. I imagine some of my fascination and love of Noxzema stemmed from her obsession!

Seriously, the girl would slather herself in it at night and go to bed therefore using it as a sleep mask of sorts.

Anyway, flash forward a few hundred years and Noxzema is still around, lord knows it’s probably be around in the glow of my dear old mum’s youth.



The Muse Loves…..Clarisonic Yellow Mia Cleansing System

The Muse loves….the new Clarisonic Yellow Mia Cleansing System because it reminds me of a baby chick!


Would You Buy It? Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art

Chanel has a little Kat Von D action going on with the new Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art which will be available for purchase online today.

Question is, would you buy it?


Etsy Musings: The Fern Lily Girls

Good morning world!

I hope it’s bright and sunny on your side of the universe. If you live on my side of the universe it’s sunny with a mix of slushy snow on the ground, a brisk chilly wind, and lots of rumblings about heading to work in this muck.

I thought I’d do a brief Etsy Musings to start the morning off right. As you know I’m a fond fan Beautiful Twists which I’ve done a prior Etsy Musings on. The creator of Beautiful Twists has since branched out and opened several new Etsy stores which feature various goodies for your body.

I’m pretty much an Etsy junkie so I love introducing you to great finds on the site.

Check it!