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Lancome Miracle Cushion

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My Perfect Nude Lip for Summer Courtesy Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

I have found my perfect nude lip color for Summer! Thank you Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the Nudist.

Ok, I admit, I always when I find a nude lipstick or lipgloss I like I end up raving it hard and getting terribly excited. Why? Because nude is a damn hard color to pull off. People will tell you that red is difficult to pull off, so true! I feel like a clown in red lipstick but it hasn’t prevented me from trying to find my ideal, perfect shade of red. And guess what? Compared to finding a perfect nude, finding a perfect red is far freaking easier.

Nude is just a shade that escapes me at times. I try so many different shades of it but I end up looking like zombie or like rigor mortis has set in. It’s not a pretty look! However, in the past I have made some nude lip recommendations that people actually loved and more important that I loved and thought worked great for me!

So now I’m telling you, you SO NEED Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist!


Combat Oily Summer Skin with Lush Imperialis and Lush Eau Roma Water

Lush Imperialis Lush Eau Roma

So Summer seems to be on the way finally and I’ll have to combat oily Summer skin soon! Well actually, I already am! I’m typically pretty dry in the Winter but Summer arrives and suddenly my forehead is oily, my cheeks are kinda dry, yet my nose and chin are producing a ton of oil. It’s a combination of crazy. But mostly, I’m pretty shiny.

I do blame the weather! My skin hits warm weather and suddenly it starts producing a lot more oily but also I blame my SPF at times. I feel quite shiny sometimes after applying my sunscreen! Whatever it is, I know my skin is far from dry in the Summer!

How do I combat oily Summer skin? By switching up my skincare routine!

If you’re struggling with mildly oily skin or combination skin Lush Imperialis Moisturizer and Lush Eau Roma Water is the perfect power couple to beat your Summer oily skin issues!


For the Nail Polish Obsessed You Likely Need This Betsey Johnson Nail Polish Shoulder Bag

Betsey Johnson Nail Polish

You know the joys of polish escape me. I realize that it’s a fun and sometimes budget friendly way to get creative but I have little to no patient when it comes to painting my nails. I know, this means I’m a horrible, no good, very bad, rotten person. I’m sorry!

This makeup loving girl is hanging her head in shame. But…I’m just an eyeshadow girl, a blush one, a palette one! Nail polish…well not so much!

But for the truly nail obsessed perhaps you need a Betsey Johnson Nail Polish Shoulder Bag! Because walking around with a nail polish bag, well, that’s totally cool! If they created an eyeshadow palette one like this I’d totally walk up and down 5th Avenue with it on my shoulder because proclaiming to the world I love makeup is totally my jam!

But for now the polish addicts out there can indulge in this cutesy Betsey Johnson Nail Polish Shoulder Bag at