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Fay Wray You Say?

The boy hmmm wait erase that let’s start over again. The man I have found myself falling love with asked me if I could choose 5 people to have dinner with who would they be and why?

I was sure to fit into the top 5 Bettie Page and Fay Wray! Who would not want to meet the epitome of class, elegance, and glamour! The two above ladies define all those adjectives and more!

Much to my surprise and amazement he asked me who Fay Wray is (or was)? God lord how could he ask such a thing! Blasphemy! I guess we will have to forgive him this time as he is British and mayhap the wonder of Fay has not reached his shoreline! I shouldn’t give him that much leeway considering Tim Curry (it always fascinates me when some brit or another has no idea who Tim Curry is! I have many a fine British friend who have no idea who this wonderful man is! My god what is wrong with you people?! Do you live under a rock? How can it be you don’t know your fellow man! But ado, I guess that is neither here nor there! I imagine Tim Curry deserves his own blog entry! Someday soon!) sung about her in Rocky Horror Picture show but I GUESS I’ll have to educate him further on the virtues of Hollywood stars of yesteryear (mind you the poor boy has been bored to tears with far less popping out of my mouth but I suspect that he’s too nice to tell me I’m making him yawn!)!

Which brings me to my post for today! Where has glamour gone pray tell? Glamour today is stick skinny girls with hair extensions that cost more than my car! Glamour consists of short skirts that are level with your…erm..well you know. Glamour today is bubblegum pop. Glamour is…Paris Hilton? NAY! Say it isn’t so! Please tell me that glamour isn’t defined as Paris Hilton like celebs!!!

I give you my definition of Glamour (and if you are nearly as smart as I think you are, you’ll agree with the way I define true elegance and beauty):

Fay Wray
Wray Fay King Kong publicity photo

Vivien Leigh
vivien leigh gallery 29 312x400

Bettie Page (Glamorous and Kinky! A marriage most wonderful!)

Audrey Hepburn
audrey hepburn15 293x400

I may rightly have been born a few years too late to enjoy all the wonders of true glamour and now I’m subjected to conformed society who believe glamour comes in 100 pound packages and boy like shapes. Not that I am against such wonderful cut figures just that I am sad to see the glam of yesteryear so lost and gone from the looks of today!

Dita Von Teese keeps my hope alive that true glamour lives on in some girls! I, for one, try to glam it up as much as possible!

Remember it’s not always about what you look like but how you work what you were given! So work it baby! Work it!

Dita Von Teese


Cam Whoring, A Blue L@@K!

Was quite the little cam whore Tuesday! I reverted back to using some Urban Decay today! It’s been a while since I used UD!

This is what I’ve come up with:

Picture002 400x300 8

Picture007 400x300 10

Picture009 400x300 7

Picture011 400x300 5

Picture016 400x300 7

Picture017 400x300 7

What I Used:
Urban Decay Shadow in Mary Jane
Urban Decay Shadow in Goddess
Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Shadow in Mermaid Blue
T’estimo Layered Impact Eyeshadow in Blue
Kiss Glamorous Volumizing Mascara
MAC Technakohl in Black

I know at least two people had asked me for a Face of the Day with the new T’estimo Grande Impact Eyes and I’ll get to it shortly! Was planning on it today but I just felt like blue! Forgive me icon wink

Just noticed I have gloss on my chin, sheesh how embarressing LOL! Well at least it’s not food or something equally terrible!


Black and White is Always Just Right!

Sorta a rushed Face of the Day since my mate dropped her baby off super early on Monday morning and I didn’t really have time to put on my face correctly!

Trying to put on a face and watch a three year run around a washroom is difficult times my friends!

If you recall I had previously blogged about Black and White and the Summer Season! This is what I came up with this Monday morning:

Picture201 400x300

Picture200 400x300

Picture197 400x300

Picture196 400x300

Picture193 400x300

Picture194 400x300

What I Used:
KATE Loose Shimmering Powder in White
MAC Black Tied
KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow in SV1
KATE Glamtrick Eye Palette in BK1
Tony & Tiny Eye Glitter Pencils in Black and Silver
MAC Technakohl in Black
Kose Mascara
Canmake Metallic Eyes in 01
K-Palette Star Tears Mascara
MJ Single Shadow in WT963

Comments, Suggestions, Friendly Criticism are Always Welcome!


Repeats, Reruns, Babble and Such!

When I originally started Musings of a Muse it was older blogs that I had snatched from my Live Journal account and placed on myspace!

I’m in a similiar situation right now with this new blog! Which means I’m tempted to move some of my older blogs from myspace and add them up here on Blogger!

What are your thoughts? Would you like some repeats? Reruns? Or shall I start fresh!

Would love your input on this!


A New Home!

Hello There!

Welcome to my nice new home!

The original home of my blog is located at myspace and although I will still be posting there I thought I’d start a little something here on a Blogger and see what becomes of it!

I also started doing videos on youtube which became quite popular all of a sudden so by all means pop over and say hello!

A little about me:

I’m 29 years old, quite the definition of kawaii I guess (or so the world tells me)! I’m an avid collector of cosmetics and although I am quite passionate about it I also adore couture, accessories, and general girly things that are not limited in anyway to one topic!

I’m a general geek which means I can take apart your computer and rebuild it in under an hour! I like to muck about with systems and such!

So…ya…I’m quite boring basically icon wink

I am, however, a great shopaholic which means I have tons of products that I’ll be reviewing, discussing, taking pics, etc..just for you!

So if you LOVE endless babble about all things girly, you are in the right place!

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I love typing them up!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!