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Adieu! Adieu! See You All Real Soon!

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow…..

I must bid you all farewell for a little bit. The Muse is shutting down shop and heading on vacation starting tomorrow and won’t be back until July 26th.

I hope during this time you’ll enjoy the archives on Musings and explore around a bit to see what posts you’ve missed in the past. Heck you have three year’s worth of babblings to look through!

I also have some killer giveaways going on right now which I hope you’ll enter! All are appearing right on the front page so you can scroll and easily click through them.  Please keep in mind while I’m away I am not spending time checking on Musings particularly because I’ll be in and around locations with limited access to the Internet so any comments you leave on giveaways will be moderated and posted when I come back plus hey I don’t really wanna spend time on my blog while I’m away on holiday hehe! I love it but I do like a break from time to time! That being said, I can’t answer every single comment but you ALL deserve a really big thank you for leaving such sweet, funny, and beautiful comments.  Comments are the biggest form of flattery to a blogger who works hard on their site daily and each of yours is highly valued!

I love and appreciate you all. Thank you for visiting me daily.  I can’t even begin to describe to you how much I adore each and every one of you even though we have never met (maybe one day if the fates are willing!).

I’ll see you really soon and I’m sure by the time I get back I’ll be diving right into Fall 2010 (and hell probably Holiday too!). Exciting!


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I’ve reread The Mysteries of Udolpho every single Summer since Freshman Year in High School. What’s on your Summer reading list?


Mally Perfect Prep Eye Cooling Gel System Review

You know it’s Summer when The Guild starts pimpin’ their new Season. Yay! Anyone see the auto-tuned mad recap of Season 3?

Fawkes was my fav character evers! Hey, if you’re as old as me you totally appreciated Wil Wheaton, fellow geek in arms, appearing on The Guild. I’ve had a crush on Wil Wheaton since I was nine. I mean he was all the rage when I was growing up…we didn’t have soggy milk and bread Justin Bieber types, we had geeks like Wil Wheaton yo!

Sorry totally had to get my geek on there for a sec…

Anyway, back to being a grown up. A grown up with wrinkles.

Damn, life is so unfair.

A few months ago I ordered Mally Perfect Prep Eye Cooling Gel System…remember? I was in wait list hell for a while and I thought for sure it would never come but by some wonderful chance I got it a few weeks later, better late than not at all right?