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Keep My Spot Warm, I’ll Be Back Really Soon

Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

Hey there!

Just a quick note. I’ll be away starting tonight and will return on May 18th. I need a little Spring break away from the doom and gloom weather we are having in New York (more rain today, groan!).

I’ll have a ton of new posts planned for my return so stay tuned and of course, you can follow me across the board to keep on top of the latest beauty news upon my return.

I’ll miss you all very much.

Thank you for sharing makeup adventures with me daily.

Talk soon!

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Did I Tell You How Much I Love….


Happy Christmas Friends And To a Great New Year Ahead!

my christmas tree

So this is Christmas! Almost another year over and a new one soon to begin. How did it get here so fast? I do believe I’m still in Fall mode.

I wrapped until my fingers bled yesterday and I still have more to wrap! Remember when you were 8 and the entire month of December felt like it lasted 365 days! You had to count back from 365 all the way until 1 to get to December 25th. 365, 364, 363….surely it was some sort of torture devised by our parents to make the month long and drawn out. And you’d try so hard to stay up all night so you could catch a peek at old St Nick but never could make it past 11 or 12ish.

Needless to say the Holiday comes very quick when you grow up and disappears even quicker still. I find as I get older the gifting is so much better than the getting. I always find complete joy and magic in gifting to family and friends. I get a little melancholy when it is all over and the tree comes down, the lights get diminished, and the magic of the season disappears replaced by the cold Winter!

But for now, right this second, the magic is still in the air and I hope you’re feeling it this week as you gather with your family and your friends!

Thank you for spending some of your Holiday season with me this month. Thank you for spending time with me all year round and finding the joy in all things beauty!

I only wish for you what I wish for myself this year….happiness, health, warmth, and good fortune! Oh and lots of makeup goodies and gifts under your tree and in your stockings!

Happy Christmas!

Thank you for befriending me and making me part of your daily day!


But the Prettiest Sight to See is the Holly That Will Be On Your Own Front Door!