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Avon Brazil Beat Eau de Toilette Review

Avon Brazil Beat 3

I’m half Portuguese, did ya know they speak Portuguese in Brazil? Many people think that Brazilians speak some form of Spanish but Brazil was actually a Portuguese Colony which is where our influence on their language comes from. In my experience Brazilians articulate their words a bit more rhythmically than natives of Portugal but none the less the words and their meanings are the same. My father was born and raised in Portugal but I swear the man sounds Brazilian sometimes with the way he forms his words and speaks.

Fun fact of the day and utterly random but it does bring me to my review on Avon Brazil Beat Eau de Toilette.

A little bit of a steal and a deal here if you’re looking for a fun, fruity fragrance for day time use but only if you don’t have a distinguished nose for fragrance.



Tarte Amazonian Clay Passport to the Amazon Gift Set QVC Today’s Special Value

Tarte Amazonian Clay Passport to the Amazon 6

Oooo my eye does so spy Tarte Amazonian Clay Passport to the Amazon Gift Set that’s premiering on QVC as the Today’s Special Value.

Man, I love me some TSV. Best part? It’s on auto delivery! You’ll get a new selection of colors for each shipment because that’s how QVC rolls.

Loves it.

Better part?

It’s $40 starting Friday, September 10th at 12AM.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Passport to the Amazon 11

Check out what’s inside!



Too Faced Vintage Sale!

Back to School

This series is a selection of Back to School Beauty Budget Picks for College students and Back to Schooler’s in need of some inexpensive beauty finds that won’t break their wallet. This series is all about affordable skincare, cosmetic, and beauty bits and bobs for those heading back to school soon!

Back to Schoolers (or beauty recessionista types) might wish to indulge in the Too Faced Vintage Sale. Total scores with prices like $3 bucks….likey!

Too Faced



Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette On Sale!

Kat Von D True Romance Eye Palette Sale

Got your eye on a particular Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette but not wanting to dish out $36 bucks?

No worries here’s how you can get them for $21 bucks and some change!



Sephora 10% Off VIB Discount

Well…it’s not alot but many of you were waiting on some sort of discount from Sephora so you can begin haulin’ Fall 2010 goodies. Heck, I was waiting on it myself so I can grab some of the new Bliss Fragrance I’m lemming so hard.

So here it is icon biggrin

10% Off your total order using promo code V436CB. You can click below to begin shopping!

Disclaimer: There is an affiliate link enclosed in this post so I’ll be making a small commission off your purchase if you decide to use the link.