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Did You Know You Can Get the Muse in Your Mailbox?

Not literally…

Sorry, gone are the days that I’d wrap myself in bubble wrap and ship myself off to you, pop out of the box, and yell “SURPRISE! Let’s sit on the couch, paint each others nails, organize our shadows by shades, and watch Game of Thrones together!”

I’m getting old…I can’t be shipped out via mail as often as I’d like anymore. I might break a hip.

But you can get me in your e-mail box.

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Nifty right?



Do BB Creams Improve Skin? Do BB Creams Get Rid of Acne?

Do BB Creams Improve Skin? Do BB Creams get rid of acne, redness, or other skin problems? Do BB Creams prevent aging?

I get this question alot in the old mail bag. At least every other day someone is asking me if my skin has improved any since I started using BB Creams.

Here are my thoughts on the topic!


the Muse’s Mailbag: What’s the Best Eyeliner for Waterline Use?

Today’s question comes to us from Choon-Hee. She wanted to know the best eyeliner for using on your waterline.

Let’s take a look!


the Muse’s Mail Bag: Who Sponsors Musings of a Muse?

I’m going through e-mail today GASP! Whoa! My mail box is a mess but I was trying to answer some e-mails today. If you haven’t gotten a reply from me please realize it does take me a while to get back since I get alot of messages daily. Lord knows I’m away behind on comments never mind e-mails!

Normally I reply in private e-mails but sometimes I like doing mail bag posts that I feel would be helpful to everyone. Last month and this month seemed to have a popular theme as I got at least five e-mails asking if I’m sponsored.

Let’s take a look!


the Muse’s Mail Bag: What’s Your Night Time Regime?

I snatched up the first e-mail that caught my attention today out of the mess my inbox is! Eep!

Nell from Colorado was curious about my night skincare regime.

That’s an easy one!