This is Halloween

Avon Halloween Mini Emery Board Too Cute

Avon Halloween Mini Emery Board

Hey cutie wanna come home with me?

How sweet is this little mummy Avon Halloween Mini Emery Board? Awwww! 0.80 cents at now!

I can’t wait for Halloween but the long haul to get there is just as nice!


Bath & Body Works Keep Calm and Carve On Foaming Hand Wash

Bath Body Works Keep Calm and Carve On Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Foaming Hand Wash

They haven’t crossed the boundary with all the “Keep Calm…” rubbish as of yet. You know, it’s not quite reached the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” tiredness of the 80’s.

Everywhere you turn there’s some t-shirt, avatar, or mug that sports the British army’s faithful ode. My personal favorite is on a t-shirt I purchased a bit ago that says, “Keep Calm and Carry on my Wayward Son”. Every time I wear it my lips twitch into a smirky smile.

And as for the Fall and Halloween lovin’ folk like myself I give you Keep Calm and Carve On Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Foaming Hand Wash.


Told you it was a tired trend yet!

Available now at your local Bath & Body Works.


Polish Is A Ghoul’s Best Friend Nail Set Or So They Tell Me?

Ulta Polish Is A Ghouls Best Friend Nail Set

It’s days like this I wish I was a nail girl because how can anyone resist the cuteness that is Ulta’s Polish is a Ghoul’s Best Friend Nail Set? Please get me a dozen for my yearly Halloween bash as I know it’ll make a great pick for the gift bags I give out.

And $8 too?

Get me two dozen!

Includes Shades:

  • Orange You Afraid?
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Ghoul’s Night Out (Glow in the Dark)
  • Witchful Thinking

Available now at Ulta.

P.S. This is Jami’s (you might know her as Bionic Beauty) yearly Halloween display at her house…take note of the graveyard stone (1.52 mark) for Harry Dresden her epic score just went up +10 points. Note to self create really brilliant graveyard stones based on your fandoms for Halloween. Come on Book 16 I’m waiting for you patiently! Make my Halloween by popping up this Fall!



Yankee Candle Halloween Preview 2013

Yankee Candle Halloween 2011

I know it’s not beauty but I just wanted to let you know the Yankee Candle Halloween Preview 2013 is on August 3, 2013. That’s a Saturday! Typically they preview the Halloween Collection including the popular Boney Bunch Collection at the party and you are able to purchase anything Halloween related during this time.


I went last year and was able to get my hands on the newest Halloween Hanging Tart Warmer as well as Halloween related tarts and candles.

If you’re a fan of Yankee Candle I sure hope this made your day!

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was fab!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Punkie Night 2012 Fragrance Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Punkie Night 2012 Fragrance Oil 1

I’ve had the oddest luck with some of BPAL’s Halloweenies this year. They’ve all gone kinda floral on me. I typically haul hard during Halloween at the Lab because they release considerably more “foody” scents around the Fall than any other time of the year but I’m seriously having a body chemistry issue lately because they go more floral on me than foody….!

Punkie Night is another blend that went wrong on me this year!