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Victoria’s Secret Sparkly Heart Makeup Bags


Gulp, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I know that sounded so BAD! But after Christmas I feel like time literally zooms by….! So might as well start preparing now and what’s not to love about this cute heart bedecked makeup bags from Victoria’s Secret?

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Nail Rock Valentine Nail Wraps Giveaway

How darling are these limited edition Nail Rock Valentine’s Nail Wraps? Cute aren’t they? Nail Rock Valentine Nail Wraps ($7.50) are an easy way to decorate nails with some festive V-Day lovin’ and will last up to seven days on nails!

Nail Rock Valentine Nail Wraps

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Lush Willow Bark Soap Review

Lush Willow Bark

There’s still time for grabbing Valentine’s gifts and Lush Willow Bark Soap is the perfect treat to spoil a friend with. Creamy, dreamy, and scented with roses and lemon this gorgeous soap is a must have.

Grab it now before it’s gone!


Lush Magic Mushroom Review

Lush Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar

The Lush Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar holds a special place in my heart not only because it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day bath treat but also because I’m a gamer.

At five or six years old my dad purchased me an Atari 2600 (I still have it) and I promptly got addicted to ET. ET was probably the most lame-o game every but props for being one of the first franchise style games in history.

Look at these wicked ace 1983 graphics!

Flash forward a few years and I became obsessed with Super Mario Brothers. At this time I wanted to BE Princess Toadstoll. That bitch had game, seriously, two successful plumbers fighting all sorts of evil to save her ass. Thus my love of cute mushroom-y themed items began.

Needless I associate mushrooms with power ups and believe you me take a Lush Magic Mushroom in the tub with you and you’re bound to perk up (or power up) with the scent of creamy strawberry!


20% Off Coupon Code for Too Face Cosmetics

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush Spring 2013

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