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Lancome French Coquettes Collection: Lancome Fall Collection 2010

Lancome French Coquettes Collection 3

Although a French Coquette sounds like something you’d purchase at a posh bakery, it’s not. You can’t technically eat or make a sandwich with a coquette, sorry.

A coquette is a tease or a flirt of some sort which is exactly what Lancome French Coquettes Fall Collection 2010 is all about. Flirty, tantalizing shades of shimmering shadows and subtle highlights on cheeks, makes for an elegant, sophisticated, yet fun collection.

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Would You Buy It? Soap & Glory For Men

Soap and Glory for Men

Manly men gather around…or girlfriend’s of manly men. Soap & Glory For Men has launched in the UK recently and one wonders how many men are out there hoarding away Soap & Glory products! Are you one?

In all seriousness, I’d say we are looking at 90% females reading this blog and maybe 10% male so we’ll have to stick with asking the chicks around here Would You Buy Soap & Glory for your man? You know and possibly love the brand for yourself but how about your boyfriends? husbands? booty calls? Pssssstt…maybe you’d buy it for yourself if it smelled nice!

Check out Soap & Glory for Men products below (If you’re reading this via RSS please visit my blog to enjoy the slideshow embedded in this post). By the way doesn’t that dude on the shower gel looks like a young Joey Ramone?

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Would You Buy It? Thierry Mugler Womanity

Thierry Mugler Womanity

Thierry Mugler Womanity is a new fragrance that reflects the infinite expressions of womankind. As with all Thierry Mugler fragrance this is a unique fragrance facet in both packaging and scent.

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MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Photos and Release Information

MAC Haute and Naughty Lash 1

Is it terribly shallow that I want MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara simply because I dig the packaging?



Would You Buy It? Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Collection & Custom Color by Tom Pecheux

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Collection Custom Color by Tom Pecheux 1

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss new collection of 34 color glosses available in three finishes and a custom collection by world-renowned makeup artist and Estee Lauder Creative Makeup Director, Tom Pecheux.

Want selection?

These have it!


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