Almay Smart Balance Pressed Powder

The new Almay Smart Balance Press Powder comes in three “custom” color combinations. This is a pressed powder with what appears to be a base of transparent white powder and tiny dotted layers of color. Supposedly the powder adapts to your skin tone for a perfect fit. I’ve been trying the Light/Medium version and so far I actually kinda like it. It doesn’t have a ton of coverage but it brightens up the face rather nicely.

I’ll tell you more in my full review later but here are some images to tide you over!

Have you tried the Almay Smart Shade Collection?

Does it work for you?

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Almay Wake Up Hydrating Makeup

Here’s the new Almay Wake Up Hydrating Makeup display that I recently reviewed for you. It’s such an exciting product but a damn shame it fails to work.

The powder has a cool, refreshing feel which is quite lovely but zero coverage after I tried it.

Anyone see or try it as of yet?

Do share!

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Almay Wake Up Hydrating Makeup Review, Swatches, Photos

It looks like you’ll see a new wave of hydrating foundation powders in the makeup come Spring (or now if you check around), so far I’ve seen two. Both Revlon and Almay have two new hydrating powder foundations available which mimic MAC Dr. Facilier Magically Cool Liquid Powder.

It’s been a while since this type of powder has made the drugstore rounds. I can only remember one instance of it actually and perhaps you remember it too, it was from Physicians Formula and must be at least 10 to 15 years back when they had a pink powder that had a hydrating, cool, water-like effect. A few high end types such as Awake have had such powders as well.

You can commonly find these from Asian brands however they haven’t quite taken off in the US and if the formulas are anything to go by now, may never take off. But we’ll see….

Almay Wake Up Hydrating Makeup is my focus today and later in the week I’ll introduce you to Revlon’s new Photo Ready Hydrating Makeup.

Let’s have a look and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with hydrating makeups you’ve come across.


Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara Review

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara should be at your local drugstores at the moment.  Anyone interested? This one uses retro “dial up” technology to create fuller lashes.

Does it work?




Get Your Beauty Budget On: 10 New Arrivals At the DrugStore

Drugstore beauty users beware!

New beauty is infiltrating your local drugstore and your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to pick up some of these new items for your beauty stash.

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