Chapstick Goes Plaid for Fall 2015

Chapstick Plaid Collection

Plaid happens to be really hot for Fall 2015 or at least it is in the fashion world. Hey, remember that time MAC did a Tartan Collection for the Holidays!?

But honestly, how do you work plaid into a beauty and makeup collection? Oh wait, I know! You wrap it up in plaid just like Chapstick did with these new Chapstick Plaid trios available in a blue, yellow, and red plaid packaging.

For Fall 2015, for a limited time exclusively at Target and Chapstick goes Plaid with a selection of limited edition plaid printed tubes. So you can protect lips, keep them moisturized, and be completely on trend with these cute little printed tubes.

You can get the new Chapstick Plaid Collection in original, cherry, and and moisturizing original formulas at your local Target or at

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Chapstick Summer 2015 Flavor Packs at Walgreens

chapstick summer 2015

I know many of you were interested in the Chapstick Summer 2015 flavored I featured in Aloha Coconut, Watermelon Splash, and Mango Sunrise! These limited edition flavors are now available in a Chapstick Summer 2015 Flavor Pack at Walgreens featuring all three shades in one pack for $3.59.

So head out to your local Walgreens and you should be able to get these now!

Hopefully they’ll launch online shortly as well!


Chapstick Watermelon Splash Review

Chapstick Watermelon Splash

Chapstick Watermelon Splash is one of three new, limited edition Chapstick flavors launching with the Tropical Paradise Collection for Spring/Summer 2015. I remember as a kid I’d beg my mom to get me those achingly sweet packs of Bubblicious Watermelon Gum. As a child they tasted amazing but have you every tried chomping a cube on of that gum as an adult? It’s truly cringe worthy and you can feel your teeth decaying and a trip to the dentist is in the near future.

That stuff should be outlawed.

None the less I’m still every so slightly addicted to the sweet flavor and fragrance of watermelon and this new Chapstick Watermelon Splash is the perfect way to smooth and soften my lips whole getting a tasty hint of watermelon flavor on my mouth!


Chapstick Mango Sunrise Review

Chapstick Mango Sunrise

Chapstick Mango Sunrise Lip Balm is one of three new Tropical Paradise flavors that are launching for the Spring 2015/Summer 2015 season at drugstores. I feel Chapstick has come such a long way and it isn’t nearly as waxy and dense as it once was (But don’t tell anyone I’m still a Labello fangirl).

Remember that story I told you, about the time I ate an entire tube of Cherry Chapstick when I was like 4 or something?

That could potentially happen again with Chapstick Mango Sunrise and I’m not the least bit ashamed. I eat shimmer on my corn flakes in the morning why can’t I snack on delicious Chapstick? And I’m sure some of you would happily admit to eating lipstick (sans lead haha).


Chapstick Aloha Coconut Review

If you like piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain you might just love Chapstick Aloha Coconut! This delicious new Chapstick flavor is available for a limited this Spring/Summer 2015 as part of the new range of Chapstick Tropical Paradise Collection and it is yummy!

Chapstick Aloha Coconut
P.S. Do you love the dancers in the back of the video or what?! So much eye candy! Rupert’s hair, his glasses, his big white teeth, those dance moves…!