Chapstick Gingerbread Kiss Review

Chapstick Gingerbread Kiss Lip Balm

Chapstick Gingerbread Kiss ($1.99) is one of a few new limited edition seasonal, Holiday inspired Chapsticks launching at drugstores this November. After trying out Chapstick Gingerbread Kiss it made me question why I ever stopped using Chapstick to begin with?

It also reminded me why at the age of 6 or 7 I almost ate an entire Cherry Chapstick. Why do they make these things taste so good?!


Chapstick Candy Cane Trio Tin Review

Chapstick Candy Cane Trio Tin

Tis the season for cute little stocking stuffers and this Chapstick Candy Cane Trio Tin ($2.99) will definitely be tucked into my sister’s stocking this year!


Chapstick Mix Stix Review

Chapstick Mixstixs

I won’t rest easy until I know you have a Chapstick Mix Stix ($2.99) in your grubby little hands in the flavor Green Apple Caramel. People, Fall is coming, no not Winter, Fall dammit and you need tasty little tricks like the Chapstick Mixstick in Green Apple Caramel for your lips.



Chapstick Apple Cider, Chocolate Truffle, and Candy Cane Flavors for Holiday 2012

Chapstick isn’t my favorite beauty product around but I could be convinced to like it if it came in cool flavors like Apple Cider.

Oh wait! It does come in cool flavors.

But just for the holidays….!


Beauty on a Budget Spotlight: New Makeup Available At The Drugstore

If you’ve been reading Musings for a while, I’m sure you recall the days that I didn’t review drugstore brands (US ones anyway). Things have changed considerably in the last year or so and I’ve embraced alot of US drugstore brands as I wanted to cover all aspects of beauty not just high end but also lower.

This past Spring (and some of Summer if you consider it Summer already) has been an incredible time for drugstore releases. Makeup quality has changed in the past few months as have the releases in store which had made going to my local drugstore a rather fun experience rather than a chore. Granted, not ever release is a good one but hunting down new products and finding gems in the rough so to speak is always great fun.

Do take a look at the slide show below for some of the latest and greatest releases that are available now at your local drugstores. Some are well worth checking out!

If you’re reading via RSS please visit my blog to view the slide show.

Have you hauled any of these items or collections for yourself?

Any favs?

Worst experience?


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