Get Your Beauty Budget On: 10 New Arrivals At the DrugStore

Drugstore beauty users beware!

New beauty is infiltrating your local drugstore and your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to pick up some of these new items for your beauty stash.

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Beauty on a Budget Spotlight: New Makeup Available At The Drugstore

If you’ve been reading Musings for a while, I’m sure you recall the days that I didn’t review drugstore brands (US ones anyway). Things have changed considerably in the last year or so and I’ve embraced alot of US drugstore brands as I wanted to cover all aspects of beauty not just high end but also lower.

This past Spring (and some of Summer if you consider it Summer already) has been an incredible time for drugstore releases. Makeup quality has changed in the past few months as have the releases in store which had made going to my local drugstore a rather fun experience rather than a chore. Granted, not ever release is a good one but hunting down new products and finding gems in the rough so to speak is always great fun.

Do take a look at the slide show below for some of the latest and greatest releases that are available now at your local drugstores. Some are well worth checking out!

If you’re reading via RSS please visit my blog to view the slide show.

Have you hauled any of these items or collections for yourself?

Any favs?

Worst experience?


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