E.L.F. Studio Geometric Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall 2013

E.L.F. Studio 36 Piece Geometic Eyeshadow Book

What do you think of these new funky E.L.F. Studio Geometric Eyeshadow Palettes that the brand recently introduced for Fall 2013? They look like something that KATE would come out with agreed?

Take a look!


How Lush Turned Into E.L.F. Cosmetics

Hmm taking lessons from E.L.F. Cosmetics, Lush?

I don’t want you hanging out with them anymore! Their bad habits are rubbing off on you. Now go to your room and think about what you did.



E.L.F. Studio HD Lifting Concealer for Summer 2013

E.L.F. Studio HD Lifting Concealer

You’re going to start getting those See ya Later NARS e-mails from E.L.F. because E.L.F. Studio HD Lifting Concealer is probably their dupe up of NARS Creamy Concealer.

So expect to be flooded with e-mails from E.L.F. shortly.

Typically when those e-mails starting flooding in I try hard to unsubscribe from them and even mark them as spam but for some reason, they are like a bad penny, they keep coming back!

So I mentally shake my fist and shout BARROWMAN!

In other news, annoying e-mails aside, E.L.F. Studio HD Lifting Concealer will be purchased by yours truly. Count me curious! Seriously, how freaking funny would it be and ironic if it is more pigmented than NARS Creamy Concealer? I’d laugh. Hard.


E.L.F. Essential Lip Balm Tint for Budget Babes

E.L.F. Essential Lip Balm Tint

On a budget? On a makeup ban? You can surely afford E.L.F. Essential Lip Balm Tint for a mere $2 yes?

Perfect cheap thrill for Summer!


E.L.F. Cosmetics Store Opens in New York

E.L.F. Cosmetics Store

Tell me this isn’t interesting news! E.L.F. Cosmetics will be opening a flagship store in Manhattan!

How cray is that? Seriously, it’s happening. All your E.L.F. favorites now a store away. I’m not sure if more stores will follow but from my understanding the shop will be open towards the end of May, the shop is actually already opened, a reader just Facebooked me to say as such. I’m going to try to head over there today. Dead curious what an E.L.F. Store would be like! It’s located @ 741 Broadway.

Why does the idea of an entire shop of E.L.F. Cosmetics boggle my little mind?

What do you think?

Would you shop there?

Do share!

In other news happy bloody weekend! Thank the makeup gods it’s Friday! I, for one, cannot wait to get this weekend started! Looks like it’ll finally be some nice weather too. I really need to get some Spring cleaning done but if this weather holds out I doubt very much I’ll be indoors for any of it. Earlier this month I was playing with the idea of heading down to Florida this weekend to see Otherwise (it qualifies as stalking if you see them more than once in concert. Call the cops, arrest the short little Muse in the front row!) and Alice in Chains at Rock Fest but I decided not to. I’m seeing the Darkness in May so that’ll tide me over until the next Otherwise concert hits NY.

And with that I leave you this…..

the darkness

…..it’s that one rare image where my eyes are drawn to Dan rather than Justin! Ah hell who am I kidding? I wouldn’t be averse to a Muse Hawkins sandwich! Not in the least.


TGIF! Happiest Weekend!

Love you all!