Perfect for Easter Baskets: EOS Smooth Sphere Spring Lip Balm Set

EOS Smooth Sphere Spring Lip Balm Set

EOS has a limited edition Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Set that recently launched at Ulta.com which makes a perfect little pressie for tucking into Easter

The limited edition set includes EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balms in Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit (exclusive flavor) and is $5.99.

I think I’m set for lip spheres at the moment as I have both of these flavors plus my recent EOS Alice in Wonderland Set has me quite happy but I think I’ll pick one up for my sister’s Easter basket (yes, she’s older than me but I still gift her and Easter basket and she gives me one).

Get yours at Ulta.


EOS Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Set Review

EOS’s darling Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Set has proven a little tricky to locate for me. It was supposed to be at Target as of September and following up with a release at Walgreens and Ulta in November with online locations such as Target.com, Walmart.com, and Drugstore.com launching it as of November as well.

However, no matter how hard I tried I was never successful finding it at Target! Any luck for you?

You’ll be happy to know that it’s slowing starting to trickle into stores now and I’ve seen it at both Ulta and Target finally as well as online at Ulta.com

This very delightful set was inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and includes a trio of full size EOS Lip Balm Spheres.

Take a look!


EOS Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Collection

I’ve seen your future and it includes a haul of the new EOS Alice in Wonder Lip Balm Collection.

Pleaze how can you say no to this?


EOS Berry Blossom Everyday Hand Lotion Review

If you follow me on Twitter you know I preach the good word of Sheppard (More Romo, more Romo!) to anyone who will listen. Hell, I preach it to @BBCAmerica and remind them daily how much I appreciate his voice over work for the channel.

Thank you BBCAmerican Gods for gifting us with the divine vocal voice over work of Mark Sheppard, praise Jebus, thank Gawd, Amen! P.S. Please ask the Supernatural Gods to not let Bobbi die, k, thanks.

I came across a rather brilliant T-Shirt on RedBubble last month and instantly had to add it to my fandom palace. Behold SuperWho fangurls:

I know SuperWho fangurls like myself are out there so this one is for you! You NEED this shirt.

Speaking of fangirls…I happen to be a fangirl of EOS as well as Who and Supernatural.



EOS Everyday Hand Lotion Berry Blossom

It’s about damn time.

EOS makes an amazing hand lotion in my humblest opinion
, never leaves my desktop however I’ve always been the first one to bish about the fact that they don’t do it in any other scents outside of a cucumber and a fresh scent.

I’ve yearned for a mint version, perhaps a Summer Fruit one? Neither of my dreams have come true in that arena but hey, how about the next best thing?