The Maybelline Brightside Palette is Kinda Rockin’!


Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Duo

It’s a fact that we simply do NOT get any of the fun stuff in our drugstores.


Jeepers, we miss out on all the brilliant releases.

In 2009, Maybelline stepped up its game in a major way and introduced products like the Maybelline Eye Studio Shadow Duos and I am so hoping that the new Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Duo Palettes will launch here soon in the US. These are so pretty and are currently available within Europe (and Asia but a different variation).

Take a look!


Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palettes Modern Metallics, Stylish Smokes, Chic Naturals, Perfect Pastels

I already have way too many eyeshadow palettes but I gotta admit that some of the new Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palettes for Spring 2011 captured my attention. Some of the shades are pretty darn nice and the formula looks rather brilliant as well, don’t quote me but I’m saying they might be worth your time.

I somehow resisted but I might not be able to should a BOGO offer pop up!

Jump ahead for more pics…


US Drugstore Cosmetics Spring 2011 Round Up: New Makeup at the Drugstore for Spring 2011

Plenty of new goodies are popping up at the drugstore for the Spring season! Anyone run into anything good? I need to hit up the drugstore this week for a peek but if you missed it here’s the round up post of some of what I’ve seen and I’ve also done a slideshow of other new items I’ve seen (if you’re reading via e-mail or RSS please visit my site to view the slideshow embedded in this post).


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Drugstore Makeup Spring 2011 Collections

I hope you enjoyed the Drugstore Cosmetic Spring 2011 Collection round up today. I had a fun time wandering around and snapping pics even if I did make myself late for a prior appointment, oops!

I’ve reviewed some of these items already and have more reviews upcoming shortly. I imagine most of these releases are meant for Spring 2011 so if you haven’t yet seen them at your local drugstore just have a little patience and I’m sure they’ll arrive soon.

Good Luck and feel free to e-mail me or comment about new collections you’ve spotted! Would love to hear all about it.

Find the complete round up list below!