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New Skincare to Try for Spring

New Skincare

Spring always seems like a good time to sort through your old skincare especially January when you’re possibly making a beauty resolution to take better care of your skin.

I know personally I try really hard to ditch the skincare I am currently using and replace it with something new I’d like to try or an old favorite as typically at this point it is nearing a year old. I tend to get anal about skincare and label the back of jars with the date I purchased the product. This is a handy way to know when it’s time for that product to be swept away and replaced. Label makers are so cheap at Staples and I promise it isn’t terribly Sheldon Cooper of you to label makeup or skincare products as a gentle reminder that it is indeed time to toss something out.

Here are several new skincare products that you might want to check out!


Nip + Fab Complexion Correction Cream SPF 30 Review & Swatches

Nip + Fab Complexion Correction Cream SPF 30

Nip + Fab Complexion Correction Cream SPF 30 it appears you’re doing it right! Recently launched in the UK the new Nip + Fab Complexion Correction Cream has made it to the US and the formula appears to be right on target for CC Cream bliss!

Take a look!


New in Beauty: Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix

Nip + Fab has a new CC Cream that launched recently along with other goodies such as their Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix!

Oooo viper, venom, makes me thing of Dominic Monaghan making all kinds of fool out of himself in his new show Wild Things. Can I tell you he has a death wish? Sincerely. Boy, JUMPS at venomous snakes and insects without a worry in the world. Swinging them around by their tails. I dunno his experience with these things but I get SO nervous for him I nearly wee through the hour long show. Someone hold me, I just know Dom’s end is near.

Anyway, ’bout that Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix…


Do Want Nip + Fab CC Cream

Nip + Fab CC Cream is newly launched and hopefully available at Target soonish (It’s not yet available in the US so far just the UK)! CC Cream or Color Control Cream are just not joining the US market but not many options are currently available. I suspect you’ll see them trending come Summer 2013.

For now with so little options available any new one that pops up I’m eager to try out and since Nip + Fab already had a successful run with me I’m eager to see what sort of CC Cream they would come up with.

This might just be my next purchase.


Nip + Fab Eye Fix Review & Swatches

Let’s see…

Worst feature?

My eyes lately. Puffy, dark circles, the “I haven’t slept more than 6 hours” tired look…shall I go on?

I need concealer…….NOW…! Call in the guards, have them bring me the bestest concealer and something to brighten up these tired, too fast aging eyes.

Nip + Fab Eye Fix Brightening Concealer you say?