NYX Sensual Mood Gloss Review & Swatches

NYX Sensual Mood Gloss 1

Hey Guys!

So sorry for the lack of communication lately. I have a lot of comments to get through and feels like ages since we last talked. How are you doing? I’ve been swamped. Life, both personal and professional, has been getting in the way of Musings. I hope to be back on track next week when things slow down a bit for me.

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What else is going on with you?

See any good movies lately? Read any good books?

Am I imagining things or have you noticed a decline in the Walking Dead’s zombie makeup? Did the budget cut hit…!? Also please, can it be off the farm time now? I’m so bored of the farm. Old McDonald had a farm and wished it was over run by zombies not humans having too many emotional moments and playing house during a plague! P.S. What’s all this about not seeing bites and scratches on zombies? Is it be airborne time now? Wink! Do gimme the good word on your Walking Dead theories, with only a few episodes left I’m waiting for the big BANG to hit.


Anyone try out the new NYX Mood Glosses?

I likey…these are kinda a cool little budget gloss available in four different formulas.

Take a look at the Sensual version, perfect gothy shade to wear for stabbing (not shooting, we need to reserve bullets) zombies in the head.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Review & Swatches

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 1

Not sure why I haven’t tried NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils up until now but they just passed by my beauty radar for some reason. The introduction of new shades intrigued me plus NYX is on sale at Ulta so it proved a perfect excuse to snatch some of these chubby little pencils up.

Take a peek!


NYX Cream Shadow Suede Frost Beige Review and Swatches

NYX Cream Shadow Suede Frost Beige Swatches 001

As I suspected from my original review, the new NYX Cream Shadows in the more natural shades seem to be a win for me.

Don’t get me wrong the more vibrant ones are lovely but I find that the lighter shades are easier to apply and blend.

I indulged in two more shades, Suede and Frost Beige, and I’m quite delighted with both.

Have a look!


NYX Cream Shadow Review & Swatches

NYX Cream Shadow 12

NYX has released not one, not two, but 24 shades of Cream Eyeshadow. Phew!

These shimmering, pigmented cream shadows promise all day wear and intense color payoff with a crease free, water resistant formula.

I was excited to check them out to say the least.

NYX Cream Shadow 52

Take a look!


NYX Blush Stick Swatches

NYX Blush Stick Swatches 002

Amanda, a reader of mine, was very kind to e-mail today to say “hey, want some swatches of the new NYX Blush Sticks?” I haven’t indulged myself so I was ever so grateful for the swatches, thanks Amanda.

Here’s a look!