Spring Makeup Pick Ups for Under $10

spring budget makeup

It’s officially Spring in a few days kids! So I thought I’d pick out a few Spring Makeup Pick Ups for at or under $10 bucks for ya! These budget friendly picks up give your skin lightweight coverage for a fresher, natural Spring look with pops of sparkling peach and bronze for your face as well as lightweight blush and a hint of aqua for your eyes.

And of course the best part is they are all under $10 bucks.


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NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Palette

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette ($10) is one of several 9 pan eyeshadow palettes that NYX released last Spring. The NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palettes actually were the start of brand new packaging for NYX as these kept the standard black lacquer packaging but also added a cute bow clasp to open the palette.

As you can see this packaging has worked itself into most of NYX’s offerings.

These 9 Pan Palettes are marked at $10 each so you aren’t spending a ton of cash on them however, there are SO many places that offer BOGO deals as well as major mark downs on NYX you’re bound to score them at $5 each if you search hard enough.

Let’s take a look!


Revenge is Yours with the NYX Revenge Is Infinite Makeup Collection

NYX Revenge Is Infinite Makeup Collection

The new NYX Revenge Is Infinite Makeup Collection is a brand new collaborated effort between ABC’s popular show, Revenge and NYX Cosmetics.

Considering NYX has teamed up with Dark Shadows to create the Crimson Amulet Palette and more recently the Parallel Worlds Makeup Collection it’s no wonder they are branching out into TV land.


NYX Dark Circle Concealer Review & Swatches

NYX Dark Circle Concealer1

NYX Dark Circle Concealer ($6) is a new orange tinted concealer/corrector that treats one of beauty’s biggest problems, dark circles.

Technically I don’t suffer from really dark circles but I do have tired looking eyes without concealer so I was quite curious about this although I never really got on with the original NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar so I was unsure how I’d feel about the NYX Dark Circle Concealer.

Take a look!


NYX Introduces BB Cream for Spring 2014

nyx bb cream
You read that right NYX has introduced a new BB Cream to their permanent collection for Spring 2014 that will be available in three shades.

Have I gained your interest?