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Jordana 25% Off Coupon Code Cyber Monday 2011

Lawd, the deals just keep coming today!

Fill stockings with some inexpensive and great picks from Jordana today and get 25% off your total order plus free shipping!

Simply use promo code CYBER at www.jordanacosmetics.com to snag your discount!

Now would be a great time to grab up all the Glossy Lip Colors your cart can hold, they are amazingballz people!

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NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Powder Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

NYX has extended its HD Studio Collection to include a new matte powder foundation product. Matte Not Flat is a talc free foundation that promises a waterproof, sweat proof formula that has a silky feel on skin.

I’m totally the wrong type of person to review this considering how dry my skin is at the moment….!

Let’s take a look!


NYX Collection Noir

NYX Collection Noir is a small collection made of eye liners in a variety of formulas. Since the eyes are the window of the soul why not concentrate an entire collection on defining and playing up one of the most important features on our faces.

Take a look!


NYX Color Lip Balms

Color lip balms and butters are all the rage this season so it was only a matter of time before NYX released their own.

NYX Color Lip Balms are available in 12 shades with a budget friendly price tag. I think we might need to check these out.


E.L.F Cosmetics Gem Tools Collection Review

Bling, bling bitches.

This post was made for me to say that…I’ve been holding it in for so long so now I can say it…just rolls off the tongue….think of it in slow motion, bling…bling…bitches.

Sorry, I’m utterly silly today and easily amused as I’ve been watching PopSickTV for a majority of the day, it’s Portuguese Avo madness and it’s the ideal youTube Channel for procrastinating your day away if you happen to be part or full blood PorkChop.

Anyway, ’bout the bling…!