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Beauty on a Budget: NYX Lip Lacquer Pot Review and Swatches


NYX Lip Lacquer Pot reminds me of the NARS Lip Lacquer Pots only cheaper! $5 bucks, 12 shades, loves it!

NYX Lip Lacquer Pot 9


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Essence Cosmetics: Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss Review and Swatches

I was thinking to myself today…dontcha just love when I go off on these tangents? Like, whenever something new launches I end up hauling a buncha rubbish from the release and proceed to slam you with reviews on it! Ha! Sorries!

Here I go again….

This time I’m all about discovering and playing around with Essence Cosmetics which recently launched at Ulta.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 4

Check it!

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New in Beauty: Covergirl LashBlast Fusion

Covergirl Lashblast Fusion

Oh my eyes do so spy something new from CoverGirl! LashBlast lovers heads up, check out the new CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion!



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Beauty on a Budget: Jesse’s Girl Stardust Powder Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

I just want you to all know that I still think that chick from the Jesse’s Girl video is a nutter. Seriously? She wants to be Jesse’s Girl when she could be Rick’s girl? I’d totally choose Rick for the record. Jesse isn’t even cute with that floppy hair he has going on! WTH!? That girl is loco I tell you!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

No worries Rick, you don’t need Jesse’s Girl you can have me!

Of course this is circa 1980′s as Rick Springfield the new millennium is not pretty. Sometimes botox does not do a body good.

Speaking of Jesse’s Girl….

Jesses Girl Stardust Powder Eye Shadow 8


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Beauty Abroad: Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask Review

Ok, so I’m woman enough to admit I like to pick stuff, peel stuff, and pop stuff. Pop pimples, on that. Pick my nose? No, never but scabs? Aw heck yes! Peel? Sure, give me dead skin, sunburned skin, whatever you got and I’ll peel it. Yes, I am guilty of all this stuff. God…don’t sit there and lie saying you don’t enjoy doing this too. You don’t want us thinking how terribly dishonest you are because you won’t admit you relish the idea of picking that scab off your knee when you fell on the ice last week and scratched yourself.

My best friend once told me that he enjoys popping his boyfriend’s pimples…I just wanna get it out there that I do NOT love the idea of peeling, popping, or picking stuff from other people’s bodies however I have no such problems doing it to myself. Needless to say I never held Jai’s hand again after hearing he pops Mattie’s pimples, ew…not cool!

Anyway…I’m bringing this all up because of a cool peel mask I recently got.

Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask 4

Jump it to hear my stories of peeling!

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