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The Best Drugstore Eyeliner and the Worst

the best drugstore eyeliner

Is there such a thing as the best drugstore eyeliner? I know I’ve had my issues with drugstore eyeliners! Some too dry, some too dense, some with absolutely no pigment.


Some folks say that eyeliner isn’t a splurge item but I’ve always felt it is worth indulging in a good eyeliner or several for that matter in a variety of shades.

However, below you’ll find two of the very BEST drugstore eyeliner pencils that I absolutely adore, Muse Approved, and urge you to indulge in. They are inexpensive, super pigmented, and have a fantastic formula!

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Remember When Revlon Abstract Orange Wasn’t Permanent?! Gasp!

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Hydrating Facial Mists Recommendations

facial mists

I happen to be a complete facial mist junkie and I’m pretty sure Lady Cassandra is one too. I admit I do imitate Cassandra’s British accent and mutter a haughty “Moisturize me, Moisturize Me!” as I spritz myself with my favorite facial mist. What I’m easily amused, sue me.

Facial mists come and go through my life like my very favorite JuJu Cosmetics White Peach Skin Whitening Mist which I have to restock up on soon! But for the most part I come back to two very important facial mists again and again and again because they never fail me.

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Moisturizing Skincare Recommendations for Drier Skin

moisturizing products for drier skin

Lord knows I have drier skin so I though I’d recommend moisturizing products for drier skin types. You know I went to the Chanel counter last year to look at skincare and the rep told me I had combination skin. I seriously felt like I won the lotto when she told me that even if I did feel she completely missed the mark because lord knows anything is better than drier skin.

Drier skin ages faster and I totally think it is one of the more high maintenance skin types. Struggling with shine and oil? Be HAPPY about that because you’ll likely look younger longer.

We dry skin folk end up looking like a dried up raisin by 40!

So here’s a list of some recommended moisturizing products for the drier skin ladies and lads out there.

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Some of the Best Facial Primers I’ve Tried

Best Facial Primers

What is it Napoleon Perdis says? It’s a crime not to prime! True story…if you want the most flawless complexion you best be prepping yourself well prior to ANY makeup application.

Primers not only help to create a barrier between your skin and your makeup, which by the very way means a longer wear for your foundation, but also they act to blur the appearance of minor imperfections perhaps pores or fine lines or uneven skin texture and even in some cases hydrate skin so that your makeup with ease on down the road more easily during application.

Needless to say primer is something everyone should indulge in. Choosing the best facial primer for your skin type is the first step in creating a lasting relationship with a good facial primer but I’m sure you’ll run into more than one to love.

These are Some of the Best Facial Primers I love and use daily.

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