Gift Ideas

The Big Holiday Avon Care Bundle for Stuffing Stockings!

Big Holiday Avon Care Bundle

You know my favorite part (and my sister’s) of the Holidays and stocking stuffing! Both my sister and I always try to top each other with fabulous stocking stuffers. Anything from lip balms to candies we love or even small gadgets. Needless to say sometimes we over stuff and end up getting a huge Holiday gift bag to tuck ALL our stocking stuffers in! There’s just something about LOTS of tiny little gifts that’s rather thrilling.

Even now that we’re adults we still go overboard with stuffering stockings for each other and friends or other family members which is why this very cute (and affordable) Big Holiday Avon Care Bundle is perfect for stuffing stockings!


Cupcake Beauty Gifting!

cupcake beauty

Dunno about you but cuppycakes are my downfall! That’s why anything beauty and cupcake related is worth sharing like this cute Cupcake Manicure Set and Cupcake Soap & Puff Set! Such a cheap, kawaii thrill that satisfies my need for beauty and cupcakes!


Ho Ho Ho Ten Dollar Top Shop Nail and Lipstick Ornaments for Your Tree!

Beauty Tree

Have you heard of the Beauty Tree? I’ve done them in the past and friends love ‘em especially beauty loving ones. Simply buy one of those cute, tiny Christmas Trees on the cheap (Trader Joe sometimes has really tiny little trees for around $9.99) and now hang some beauty from it! String some ribbon around a gloss, maybe an eyeshadow or two, and hang ‘em on your Beauty Tree!

And let me tell you it makes things easier when makeup is already packaged like an ornament and these Mini Top Shop Lip and Nail Ornaments are the perfect $10 beauty pick to hang on your Beauty Tree!


Gift Monster NYX Nail Polish Sets for the Holidays

NYX Nail Polish Sets

Got a nail polish lover in your life? Well the NYX Cosmetics Fall In Love, Decadent Delights, and Heat is On Sets are perfect sets to gift those polish obsessed friends and fam.

Take a peek!


Give the Gift of Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Salve 1

As far as I’m concerned Rosebud Salve is the solution to life, the universe, and possibly everything. That has to be why it makes a great stocking stuffer right?