Buy Your Clarisonic Heads in Bulk

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads 4 Pack

Yup, buy ‘em in bulk, save some $$$!

Nordstrom offers a four pack of Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads for $75 (a $100 value) in a range of heads including the new acne one.

I’m actually seriously considering picking up one of these since I tend to wait until the last minute to change my brush head and proceed to have to wait four to five days for a new one to ship from QVC, Sephora, or wherever I happen to order one online. Just having them at the ready to pop into my Clarisonic seems easier and a little cheaper too. It seems a lot to dish out in one go but I think it’ll save me a heap of time.

We’ll need them at some point anyway right?

What do you think smart to buy in bulk or a little too much to splurge right away?

Available now at


Clarisonic Cyber Monday 2012 20% Off Your Total

Clarisonic Cyber Monday 2012

Enjoy 20% Off your total at using promo code HOLIDAY2012.

If you’ve been eyeballing a cleansing brush this is an excellent time to indulge!

Happy Haulin’!


Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Set Review

Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Set

Clarisonic has launched a new Acne Clarifying Set ($47) to address blemish skin. Although the Clarisonic has always been a beauty tool for all skin types this particularly brush head and cleanser were created to specifically deal with acne issues.

Take a look!


Beauty Confession: I Need to Change My Clarisonic Brush Head But…

Clarisonic Summer Rose
(Pictured above the new Clarisonic Summer Rose print)

Beauty confession…

When it’s time to change the brush head on my Clarisonic…..


Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle

Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle
They may have already taken the Clarisonic as far as it could go (or not).

New colors, an acne dedicated machine, dry skin brushes, deep cleansing ones

How far can we go with a product that’s already perfect?

Oh yeah, invent extensions for it!