"I Love Dior" Deluxe Holiday Palette

Wait a second….

The Muse decided to get the keys to her beauty vault and pull out her Dior D’Trick palette to compare it to the new “I Love Dior” Deluxe Holiday Palette. Upon originally seeing the deluxe holiday palette I was racing around in circles in excitement but today I wandered onto Nordstrom to see a close up picture of it and to my shock it appears that the “I Love Dior” palette is the Dior D’Trick palette in new clothes!

Hey stop the train I wanna get off!

This is so not right! How could they crush my desire for this so easily?

What the hell?

Everything looks exactly the same right down to the lipgloss!!!!!!!

I purchased my Dior D’Trick palette from the YesAsia beauty section one year ago sometime in July or August.

Granted stateside we get none of the special bits that Asia and Europe get. I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that the palette is identical to the D’Trick.

I have to say I actually like the D’Trick’s pretty pink packaging better anyway!

I believe I paid $72 for the D’Trick and I’m curious to see what the “I Love Dior” will cost.

I also have one other palette similar in style that was purchased in a UK airport at a Duty Free shop. That has entirely different colors than these two thankfully.


Maybe I’m wrong but it appears these are one and the same. Which is good news because I have a few dollars extra to add to my growing MAC wish list but it’s also crushingly disappointing as I adore Dior.

Le sigh.

Count the Muse heartbroken!

Back to the vault to stow away the D’Trick palette!

“I Love Dior” Deluxe Holiday Palette as seen on Nordstrom

Dior D’Trick Palette






Diorissime Fall Collection 2007

It’s that time of the year again kids! Dior has introduced it’s newest palette for the Fall collection and I was hyperventilating as I viewed it in all it’s glory at Nordies a few nights ago! The good news is it’s gorgeous, the bad news is that I didn’t buy it!

Oh my god the cries of outrage are so loud! I hear you all now screaming in agonized pain about the unjustness of me not purchasing a Dior palette! But, if you’re at all familiar with the Muse’s purchasing habits you’d know why!

Remember children.

Buy your Dior broad!

I’ve called up my very sweet mate in England and asked her to waddle on down to Boots to get my Diorissime palette because for obvious reasons the 001 version is far better than the shit 002 version that has graced the US shores! Our version, as always, is a crummy darker palette which I’m utterly hating. It’s gorgeous in the sense that the clutch was beautiful but the colors inside just aren’t for me! Thus 001 is the one for this muse! I haven’t yet received it but it should be with me any day and I’ll take some lovely porn pictures of it for you to drool all over!

I nabbed some pictures from E-bay of both palettes and you can see for yourself why the 001 version is far superior to the crap we get here in the US!

Dior fall07 palette001

Dior fall07 palette002

I’m quite tempted to lick the monitor screen at the moment viewing those pictures! I’ll try to refrain!

As with almost all cosmetics, I am tempted to purchase both but really I don’t see myself using the US version! The colors are just too blah for lack of a better word!

If for some odd reasons or another you are lemming 002 you can purchase it now from Sephora and other locations that carry Dior! If you’re lemming 001, quick, find a mate to purchase it for you! It’s available in Singapore, Japan, and of course the lovely UK!

Which do you prefer?


Worry Not, Want Not?

I’m worrying and I’m wanting……soooooooo…………

My nerves are a bit shot today. And I’m feeling worried and anxious. When I feel worried and anxious I shop.

My latest insane purchase, Miss Dior Patent Peep Toe Pump:

Excuse me while I sign off my soul to the devil! Hmm..maybe I won’t have to sell my soul to the devil…I’ll just sell off unimportant organs…heart…..kidneys….a lung or two!

Dearest Dior,

Please make cheaper shoes!

K, thanks!


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Because You’re Not Beautiful Without Dior!

Dior cosmetics (and couture) are an important part of my addiction! I’ve been collecting and storing palettes from Dior since as long as I can possibly remember (My mind isn’t as quick as it once was! I’m being wry so deal with it!).

Dior has always held my heart in its very hand when it comes to clothing (not that any of it fits my wobbly body), accessories, and cosmetics. Since cosmetics and accessories are affordable (somewhat) and aren’t a size zero I can indulge my sweet tooth!

I’m writing to tell you, dear friends, if you are a Dior addict (you already know this if you’re a dior crack addict so just smile and nod for the new people) or you plan on becoming a Dior addict you must remember this simple rule of thumb. Got a pen and paper handy? Ok here is the rule:


That is all. It’s even easy to remember but write it down anyway just in case! Now Dior stateside is interesting, it’s cheaper too! But Dior abroad is exotic and wonderful and rare! Oh la la!

In all seriousness I sometimes purchase two of the same palettes the reason being I will get to shortly, one stateside and one from either the UK or Asia. Now while I was in England in April the Dior Flight palette had just popped up stateside and UK side! I did see it prior to leaving for the UK but decided I’d buy one in London because you see I KNEW THE RULE (that damn rule sure is handy isn’t it?)!

The UK flight palette is about twice as lovely as the US one! The differences are very subtle and nothing as dramtic as the Dior Confidential fiasco (if you’re an addict you know what I’m talking about, if not, google baby google).

Here you can see the two palette color choices:

dsp flight color

This is my palette (Grab a tissue I don’t want you drooling all over! And whatever you do, DON’T breath on it!):
Picture007 400x300 2

Picture008 400x300 3

Picture009 400x300 1

I choose not to buy 001 because I think the UK’s 002 version is far superior in color! 001 is very drown out, dark, and dank. Where as the 002 version had brighter colors, nicer shadow, and prettier glosses! Am I tempted to purchase 001? Yes I am. This time I didn’t succumb to my sickness and just stuck with the one palette! The little voices in my head told me go and get 001! Just do it! Buy it! But for once..I didn’t listen!

Oh sorry you wanted to know WHY do I buy one palette abroad and one stateside right? Simple answer. I’m sick. In the head.