Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Luminessence Skincare Collection

With high end lotions and potions to lighten and brighten your skin on the rise at the moment everyone wants a little piece of the action. I have my eye currently on the new Chanel Le Blanc Collection.

But these are pretty big investments to make so you definitely want to do your research ahead of time before plunking down $100-$200 on a routine that might not whiten or brighten at all.

My eye is also straying towards the new Giorgio Armani Luminessence Collection.

Take a look!


Giorgio Armani Rouge Sheer Lipstick for Summer 2012

Dear Wil Wheaton,

I have your Kindle, I’m holding it hostage at my house. It may turn up on E-bay if you don’t send a photo of yourself applying the new Giorgio Armani Rouge Sheer lipstick. Hey, if you can collate papers for the bloody Bloggress you can apply lipstick for me.

Snap to it, k, thanks.

Love you lots.

Tell me you wouldn’t love an image of Wil Wheaton applying lipstick possibly in a kilt? I can dig that. Too damn bad I don’t REALLY have his Kindle, I imagine I can dominate the geeky universe with that tool under my belt.

Chances are we won’t get the image but fan girl’s all around the world can hope.

But about Giorgio Armani Rouge Sheer Lipstick, I need ’em.


Luce The Armani Light Collection Giorgio Armani Beauty Spring 2012

Spring has sprung a little early as the Giorgio Armani Beauty Spring 2012 makes an appearance.

Take a look!


Armani Beauty Madre Perla for Holiday 2011

Madre Perla is Armani Beauty’s Holiday 2011 Collection and it looks rather stunning.

I happened across a few pictures today!

Take a look!


Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Intense Photos

Hey you guise!

Sorry, totally watched the Goonies coming home from my trip yesterday, had to get that out of my system!

But seriously, hey you guise! Did you see the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadows yet? They are on counter already. I got them about…a month ago? But haven’t had a chance to play with ’em yet..

I thought starting off Monday with the some pictures of the new shadows would be a great way to celebrate the week ahead…!

Take a look!