Givenchy Teint Couture Embellishing Concealer for Fall 2015

Givenchy Teint Couture Embellishing Concealer

Concealer junkie? Me too! Let’s give Givenchy Teint Couture Embellishing Concealer ($35) a try out? This dual toned concealer is available in three shade selections with one side that features a concealer color and the other side having a little strip of universal, light reflecting pink that brightens up dark circles and tired eyes. The bi-colored pigments highlight while the concealer portion hides puffiness, finer lines, and darkness.

Price is iffy here for me as for $35 I could think of any number of concealers that will likely perform better because count me as one who’s skeptical of the “pink strip”. As hey, once blended, it’s all the same thing right? But this one might take me by surprise….! I’m game to try it.

What do think?

Givenchy Teint Couture Embellishing Concealer is available now at

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Givenchy Clean To Sublime Serum Remover for Spring 2015

Givenchy Clean To Sublime Serum Remover

Serum makeup removers? Is this the next big thing AFTER cleansing oils? Givenchy Clean To Sublime Serum Remover ($39) is the first serum makeup remover of it’s kinda but if it catches on, chances are, you’ll see them everywhere!

What exactly does a serum remover do?


Remembering Guerlain Holiday 2008


Remembering Givenchy Holiday’s Past

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Givenchy Shape Memorizing Blush for Fall 2014

Givenchy Blush Memoire De Forme Pop Up Jelly Blush

Add a touch of fresh, brightening color to your face with the Givenchy Shape Memorizing Blush ($37)!

Givenchy Shape Memorizing Blush is a innovative gel that gives cheeks a rosy flush of color with an ultra blendable, soft to the touch formula that launches with the Givenchy Fall 2014 Collection!

This is actually top of my Fall wish list and I’m surprised I haven’t yet ordered it! Won’t be long now though because I just grabbed it up and it shipped today :)

Expect a review shortly.

P.S. Hope you’re having a super week! Mine has been SO busy! I haven’t had room to breath this week. But being busy is a good thing right?

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