NARS Blush Deep Throat Review & Swatches

Ahhh NARS Orgasm. Love it but hate the shimmer factor? I must be a completely crazy person but I honestly don’t see the problem with O or Super O. Super Orgasm definitely has sparkle, no doubt. Big azz chunky glitter style sparkle but…you can buff it easily away. And O, well, it just has this iridescent glow to it that’s so damn gorgeous.

People can preach to me daily that they feel both shades are incredibly overrated but I simply stick my fingers in my ears and go, LA-LA-LA-LA!

I love the shade. It’s just the perfect golden pink peach.

Ok, so we established you dislike the shimmer…

Have you met NARS Deep Throat?


NARS Fall 2012 Collection Update

My post on the NARS Fall 2012 Collection has been updated with more delicious goodies!

Click here to take a peek!

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NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette

NARS Foreplay Cheek ($49) you are too much for words. Imma take you home tonight and make sweet love to you on the kitchen floor.

What’s that? Oh ok, Imma take you home tonight and make sweet love to you on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire. Is that better?



NARS Fall 2012 Collection

Nordstrom is displaying some of the gorgeous pieces from the NARS Fall 2012 Collection today.

I’m unsure if this is related to the Andy Warhol Collection they had plans to release for Fall 2012 but I’m kinda doubtful?

Take a look!


NARS Andy Warhol Collaboration Video

The upcoming NARS Andy Warhol Collection won’t launch until October but I’m positive NARS fans want details as soon as possible so here’s a little teaser video with hints at the pop culture aesthetic of the upcoming collection.

Which Warhol character do you think will make an appearance in the collection?

What parallels do you see between Andy and our founder Fran├žois?

Are you excited about this collection?

Do share!

I like the contrast of silver balloons and the sudden unexpected splash of fuchsia as the end but the video is a BIG tease as this really gives nothing away!

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