NARS Spring Collection 2012

Good Morning friends!

I hope you’re all having a short week and are ready to spend time with your friends and family for the Holiday and of course, head into a turkey induced coma.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, don’t tell anyone, I’m not a fan of turkey. That shiz is dry as hell. I love me some chicken and honestly, grilled chicken makes up most of my diet, I can’t get enough of it…but turkey? No thanks!

Lucky enough my dear old mum makes other delicious goodies to appease me and keeps the bird for the rest of family. This is also the time of the year where it’s completely ok to watch A Christmas Story Marathons on Turkey Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and in all the days in between because let’s face it, that never gets old. I do a mean impression of Randy for my sister’s ears only, “I can’t get up! I can’t get up!”

Spring is far away but it’s never too early to discuss the joys of the NARS Spring 2012 Collection.

Take a look!


NARS Mie Kabuki Mini Soft Touch Eyeshadow Pencil Coffret & NARS Kuroko Kabuki Mini Nail Polish Coffret for Holiday 2011

An interesting array of coffrets have been popping up from NARS for the Holidays! Not only have they gifted us with their new and utterly drool worthy Hanamichi Kabuki Eyeshadow Palette and Kudoki Kabuki Lip Set but they’ve also created some interesting gift sets to get excited about.

Have a peek!


NARS Hanamichi Kabuki Eyeshadow Palette and NARS Kudoki Kabuki Lip Set for Holiday 2011

NARS Holiday 2011 has released and it’s an exciting range of mysterious, sultry shades…some might say it’s a bit different for a Holiday Collection and they do venture outside what the “traditional” look for the Holidays is all about don’t they?

Taking things one step further some very special products from NARS will bring out many a true hearted NARS fan.

Take a look at the NARS Hanamichi Kabuki Eyeshadow Palette and NARS Kudoki Kabuki Lip Set and dare not to drool!


What to Purchase During Sephora Friends and Family 2011: The Palette Edition

With Sephora Friends and Family 2011 in full force here are some helpful hints on which palettes are worth the haul.

Love them or hate them you can’t deny that palettes are where you get the most bang for your buck. You can spend $25 on a single blush or you can indulge in a palette that will range from $39-$55 that includes several blushes, several eyeshadows, and possibly more.

Of course, palettes suffer downfalls sometimes and quality isn’t always up to par with the standard line of cosmetics offered by your favorite brands plus let’s not forget contending with creams and powders in one cramped place. But if you can get passed the drama of palettes you’re in for a treat because darling they do so offer the very best bang for your buck.

Here are some suggestions and recommendations for the best palettes to snatch up during Sephora Friends and Family 2011 since 20% off sweetens the deal even further doesn’t it?



NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette

Let’s face it, our blush lives (or at least some of them) aren’t complete without NARS Orgasm or Super Orgasm in it. Wait, scratch that, any NARS Blush will do…!

If anyone does blusher right that’d be NARS in my humblest of humble opinions.

But they are kinda costly at near $30 each. How about if I told you that you can have all your favs in a single palette for a nice price tag?