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Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup Review & Swatches

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup 11

I feel like I have the oddest skin tone. I imagine it isn’t as dramatic as I think but sometimes it seems like I can never find the perfect shade of foundation. The skin on my body is darker than that on my face which is one freaky aspect. I consider myself medium fair with golden undertones which kinda stinks because when I hit up a counter they automatically start trying to match me up with a shade of beige-y orange foundation that simply looks awful on me.

I am absolutely in love with Estee Lauder for having a cool neutral shade that fits me! Thank the makeup gods, they are singing, here them?


Dior Addict Lip Balm Crystal Coral Review & Swatches

Dior Addict Lip Balm Crystal Coral 1

The Dior Summer 2012 Collection releases the magic of Dior Addict Lip Balm in a new shade of coral. I’ve made no secret about my absolute love for Dior Addict Lip Glow and this is basically the same formulation in a new stunning shade of coral for Summer.

The shade keeps right on trend with the peachy, orange Pantone goodness we are seeing popping up at the moment but brings it to us in a more subtle, wearable shade with a moisturizing formula.

Happy Days!


YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain Review & Swatches

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain 8

My first experience with lipstain/cheek stain was when I purchased the Schick Stick off of HSN about 10 years ago (it might have been even be longer than 10 years ago).

Yeah, the Schick Stick, sounds like a razor to me. But actually it was a cheek and lip stain housed in a tube with a sponge applicator. It was created by the super friendly, utterly gracious, and oh so gorgeous Morgen Schick (she e-mailed me randomly a few years ago just to say hello and thanks for liking her product, I was gobsmacked to say the least).

Morgen, to this very day, still sells her brilliant cheek stain/lipstain and it remains a fond favorite of mine.

Lip and Cheek Stains have evolved so much though. New packaging, formulas, etc…where as before the market was lacking, now the market is saturated with all kinds of stains.

I think one of the main complaints about stains is the irony that they have such a long wear time on cheeks but go drier on lips and sometimes don’t wear as well.

The new Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain is testimony that hope is still alive for a lip stain that wears all day with a hydrating formula.

Take a look!


Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer Seriously?

Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer

Dr. Perricone, I like you, you seem like a solid dude.

But No Concealer Concealer, seriously?


Lancome Renergie Eclat Multi-Lift Multi-Action Tinted Skincare

Lancome Renergie Eclat Multi Lift Multi Action Tinted Skincare

As we head into Summer, Tinted Moisturizers as well as BB Creams will start to trend. It’s a given that once the warm weather gets here every single brand will be pimping out their tinted moisturizer.

I have drier skin and Tinted Moisturizers are a great way to even out my skin tone while providing some a nice hydrating finish.

The new Lancome Renergie Eclat Multi-Lift Multi-Action Tinted Skincare goes beyond the simplicity of a tinted moisturizer.