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Guerlain Fall 2011 Collection

Did I go on vacation and come back to Fall 2011?

I guess so because Fall 2011 Makeup Collections are a popping like popcorn in my inbox today!

Let’s take a look the Guerlain Fall 2011 Collection!


Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Beauty Kit Nordstrom Exclusive

I dunno how many times you’ve seen the Exorcist but I’ve personally seen it enough to be embarrassed about the times I’ve sat, mouth hanging open, watching it from the comfort of my bed with a pillow gripped under my neck.

Jason Miller is one of my fav retro actors and I absolutely love scenes with him and his dear old mum saying “Dimmy, why you do this to me?”

At first it was creepy as hell but after seeing the film so many times it makes me laugh like crazy.



Upon seeing the new Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection for Fall 2011 I couldn’t help but mentally put on an accent and say to myself, “Why Bobbi? Why you do this to me Bobbi?”

Perhaps I should do a recording of myself for you as I do a mean mama Karras accent!

Anyway, I’m whispering it to myself again with the new Nordstrom Exclusive the Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Beauty Kit available during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Take a look!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Chanel Nordstrom Exclusive Collection

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts very soon (products can be pre-booked already in some cases).

I think of the Nordie’s Anniversary Sale as Christmas in July! It’s a great time to stock up on products that are available for a limited time, exclusively at Nordstrom stores.

Psstt…I have come to see these products available under different names in other locations in a few months time though, how ’bout you?

I’ll be sharing with you a sneak peek of some great products that will be available during the sale so sit back, grab your Nordie’s credit card, and start plotting that order.

Jump ahead to lay your eyes on the Nordstrom Exclusive Chanel Collection.


Bobbi Brown BB Cream Can’t Wait to Try It!


Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful to Go Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

QVC recently had a great deal on the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful to Go Collection with an auto delivery option that was a little hard to refuse.

This was $89 but QVC still has it available for a few bucks more at the moment and it’s well worth the haul as it’s a six piece collection that contains full size products and a whole heck of Bobbi goodies for the haul.

Check it!