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Bobbi Brown Telluride Collection for Summer 2015

Bobbi Brown Telluride

Looking for a warm, tawny glow? That’s exactly the look you’ll get from the upcoming Bobbi Brown Telluride Collection for Summer 2015! Telluride is a source of constant inspiration for Bobbi and she brings some of that to this new makeup collection! She wanted to capture the gorgeous glow with the mixed warm shades that get cast on your face as the late afternoon sun sets on Telluride. The best part of this collection is the shades, although created for Summer, transition perfectly into Fall 2015 looks as well!

Take a look!


Limited Edition Jason Wu for Lancome All Over Face Palette

Jason Wu for Lancome All Over Face Palette

I guess it’s getting closer to Fall 2015 Makeup Collections now if this limited edition Jason Wu for Lancome All Over Face Palette ($60) is popping up! Jason Wu has two Lancome collaborations under his belt now so could this face palette be a hint at another one on the way for Fall 2015?


I Am Juicy A New Fragrance from Juicy Couture

i am juicy fragrance

I am Juicy is a new fragrance from Juicy Couture that arrives this July and I, for one, couldn’t be happier because I am such a huge fan of Juicy fragrances. I’d classify myself as a niche and indie fragrance kinda girl but one of my biggest designer fragrance downfalls is any and all of the Juicy Couture Fragrance Collection. They are sweet, floral, long wearing, and beautiful to my nose!

So of course, I’m pretty excited a new one is on the way!

Let’s take a peek at I Am Juicy!


Obsessed with Minis? These Mini Beauty Picks Are Too Cute!

Beauty Mini Everything!

What is it with minis? I am so obsessed with any beauty or makeup product that’s small! I swear that mini mascara works better than the full sizes! Sincerely, it’s a beauty conspiracy, I’m positive of it.

Honestly, I guess mini anything is just cute right? That must be the appeal?

Either way I see beauty minis and I go ape $h1t over them and I must have!

So here are some cutesy mini beauty picks and sets that are new on the scene that you just might want to pick up for yourself!


Marc Jacobs Fragrance Introduces Mod Noir

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