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NARS Travel Brush Set

in Nars

I love you NARS. Truly I do! Your blushes, your glosses, your gorgeous shadows…!

But….this……..is not happening:

Pretty right? Price is not so pretty!

$170 for a mini travel size brush set is beyond my budget!

I wonder if this is a misprint?

If you’re insane, unstable, or just obsessed with NARS you can purchase this NARS Travel Brush Set from Nordies for $170 (brushes that may or may not be dipped in solid gold).


Juicy Couture Holiday Dresser Set

This is a cute set if I ever did see one!

Juicy Couture Holiday Dresser Set Available from Nordies and Saks
0466091094272 275x275


An exquisite little dresser that’s filled with a decadent array of Juicy Products!

$150 grabs you the following items:

  • Eau de Parfum with atomizer, 1 oz.
  • Travel ready Royal Body Creme, 3.4 oz.
  • Sumptuous Sugar scrub, 3.5 oz.
  • Precious solid perfume compact, 0.13 oz.

  • Plus a cute Juicy Couture Dresser for storing it all in!

    The Muse wants it but I may have to forsake it and give it as a gift since my mate Jason would absolutely flip over it (sure hope he returns the favor! It’s on my Christmas list!).

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    The Muse’s Christmas List Take 2

    The Muse has quite a large list of goodies on her wish list this Holiday Season! I already did a previous post about my Japanese Christmas Wish List which you can see by clicking here. This list is basically what I’m deciding on at the moment and wondering what I should and shouldn’t get!

    Sooooooooo………here’s a few of the items I’m dying to get my greedy little hands on but I’m still trying to figure out what I need and what I HAVE to have!

    MAC Stylistics Lipstick in Stylistic and The Scene
    M9WX 261

    MAC Stylistics Sheer Mystery Powder
    M9LF 261

    MAC Stylistics Sheerspark Pressed Powders in Pave, Fashionette, Solitaire, and Warm Ice
    M9WY 261

    MAC Stylistics Lipgloss in Witty and Tastemaker
    M9WT 261

    MAC Finery Lip Bag Sets in Pink, Coral, Tan, and Plum Lips
    M8L901 261

    MAC Metal X Glitter Eyeliners in Blitzed, Limedandy, Wonderwhite, Enbronze, and Pewterpink
    MA36 261

    YSL White Gold Eyeshadow Collection

    YSL White Gold Celebration Palette

    YSL White Gold Compact Powder

    Anna Sui Christmas Collection


    Excel’s Holiday Collection

    Aube’s Jewelry Shower Eyes EX02

    I think that covers what I am currently wanting at the moment!

    You can see some of the Christmas Collections I’ve already got by clicking on the links below:

    Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Brown Quartz ShimmerBrick Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    NARS Night Series Palette Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Awake Limited Edition Stardom Palettes Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    bareMinerals bareGold Luxury Color Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Lavshuca Winter Make Palettes Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Stila’s “Asia” Only Exclusive Trios and Palettes Click for My First Impression with Pictures

    MAC Royal Assets Holiday Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    MAC Antiquitease Color Click for my Review, Pictures, and Video

    Guerlain Holiday Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    Givenchy’s Diamantismme Holiday Collection Click for my First Impression with Pictures

    See my Christmas Past Collection by clicking here!

    So what’s on your Christmas Wish List?
    What collections have you already gotten?
    Which are you really wanting?
    What are you skipping?
    What are you considering?
    Your Muse’s ears are open! I want to hear all about it!


    Lancome Canada Cosmetics and Fragrances

    lcm logo defaultsite

    The lovely people at Lancome Canada have kindly asked me to submit a link to my site for them! And of course the Muse loves Lancome so she wouldn’t mind linking to them at all!

    Since I know some of my readers are in Canada this may be a helpful link for YOU!

    Online since 2001, www.lancome.ca offers Canadian women the ability to browse, experience personalized makeup and skincare consultations, and keep abreast of the latest beauty trends 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    My eyes do spy a Free Gift with Purchase for my Canadian friends! Click on over and shop! If you spend $65 or more you’ll get quite a nice lot goodies!


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    Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick First Impression

    I fear my curiosity got the better of me and I had to go sneak a peek at the Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick. On seeing it in person I, of course, fell in love with and had to have it so somehow it ended up in my cart (that happens alot! Stuff randomly falls into my cart without me even realizing it! Honest!). I have a love/hate relationship with shimmer bricks but I must say that the Pink Quartz did tickle me as being quite gorgeous so it suddenly became a must have for me upon seeing it in person!


    I originally thought this would be a very light shimmering pink but I was completely wrong. It’s actually a bronze, dark, dusty pink that shows up quite nicely on my cheeks! You are getting some softer pink tones but the darker browner pinks are dominant in the palette. I don’t normally like bronze colors of any tone or shade but these are quite lovely together! Of course, like almost all Shimmer Bricks you’re getting no color! I normally jump around in excitement when I see a darker Shimmer Brick in hopes it’ll work as a shimmer and a blush but sadly that’s not the case! It’s not nearly pigmented enough to work solely as a blush so you need to use this over your blush as a highlighter! I tried it on my bare face and it makes me look silly but over blush it makes my face light up and sparkle!



    The palette itself is the standard Limited Edition palette which consists of a black case, goldish bronze lettering on the front, and the gold surround inside the compact. I love the LE cases as they are a bit more glam than the standard Shimmer Brick compacts!


    Overall, for $38 I’d say it was something you should consider picking up! It’s quite inexpensive for the price and if you’re absolutely a HUGE lover and collector of Shimmer Bricks you’re going to want this really badly!

    Have it?
    Want it?
    Tell me!