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YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Launches at Sephora

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

The new YSL Fusion Ink Foundation I discussed with you yesterday has launched at Sephora.com is anyone is interested in test driving it. I’m diving in myself! Quite curious about this one!



YSL Fusion Ink Foundation for Fall 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation for Fall 2014 looks like a highly interesting foundation pick for the season ahead. Of course, those wanting to cheap things up can get just as innovative with Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation for a heck a lot less but that doesn’t stop me being extra curious about YSL Foundation Ink Foundation none the less!


YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush Review & Swatches

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush is a new Lips & Cheeks Blush Stain with a mousse-like texture that launched for Spring 2014 in an array of twelve shades.

I’m positive those with oily skin will adore these as they do have a matte finish with a stronger wear.

Take a peek!


New Cheek and Lip Stains To Get Excited About for Summer

Summer Cheek and Lip Stains

I kid you not there was a time in my life I would not wear anything BUT Cheek Stain! I swore by the Morgen Schick Schick Stick (still do! I loved that thing).

I have drier skin so Cheek Stains have always had a crazy long wear for me plus I like the doll-like finish they give to my fuller face. I’ve grown out of them some but when Summer hits I’m all about shopping my own stash and pulling out all my favorite and beloved cheek and lip stains.

Here are some new cheek and lip stains to get excited about for Summer 2014!


YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush for Kissing and Blushing

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

Ok, I admit I’m totally into the new YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush ($40) although I always get a slight case of the heebie-jeebies with products like this as I don’t like using them on my mouth and proceeding to smear them on my cheeks. I’m so anal that as much as I love me some Stila Lip & Cheek Stain I always end up buying two…one for my mouth, one for my face. But lord knows at $40 bucks each I won’t be purchasing two YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blushes, that might be overkill!

But I think I’ll like them for my cheeks only anyway!

Let’s take a peek at this Nordstrom Exclusive launch!