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Visee CC Watery Foundation Review & Swatches

Visee CC Watery Foundation

Visee CC Watery Foundation is a new fluid foundation available in Japan that launched with the Visee Summer 2015 Collection. Apparently it’s formulated as a five in one foundation product that acts as an essence, emulsion, base, foundation, and sun protector (SPF 30).

And yeah that’s a lot of stuff going on! Don’t you love when you actually find a product that promises to do like ten different things including walking the dog and doing the dishes that actually works! Oh wait, products like that don’t exist.

And Visee CC Watery Foundation isn’t one.


Lunasol Duo De Chocolat Eyes Review & Swatches

Lunasol Duo De Chocolat Eyes4

Lunasol Duo De Chocolat Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes are new, limited edition eyeshadow duo that launched with the Lunasol Fall 2015 Collection in Japan late last August.

I think Lunasol’s Fall 2015 Collection was one of my favorite collections visually and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the palettes and lipglosses they launched because they were such warm, sultry shades of orange and brown.

Let’s take a look at the Lunasol Duo De Chocolat Eyes Eyeshadow Palette!


Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress Review & Swatches

Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress Lipstick

Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress Lipstick for Fall 2015 arrived in Japan earlier this Summer in ten permanent shades (and one limited edition shade). The new Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress is a “melty” cream lipstick that promises to provide beautiful color, shine, and moisture to lips.

Let’s take a look!


Missha Signature Super Light Foundation Review & Swatches

Missha Signature Super Light Foundation4

Missha Signature Super Light Foundation is a new fluid foundation that launched in Korean a few months ago. Fluid Foundations are trending at the moment as it seems myself and the rest of the makeup world is obsessed with seamless, natural coverage that looks and appears skin-like. It’s kinda what we’ve been waiting for our entire makeup life isn’t it? Smooth, even coverage that just looks like your skin. No cakiness, no dryness, just smooth, flawlessness.

Sure, there are tons of foundations on the market that promise to do that but so few exceed at it. I also thing we’re in the midst of a foundation evolution because foundation formulas seem to have mad a huge turn around the last three years or so. They’ve become lighter, they’ve become longer wearing, they’ve become more user friendly, and above all else they’ve become even more flawless than I personally can every remember them being.

And that, well that’s a good thing yes?


5 Japanese Makeup & Beauty Cravings for Fall 2015

Japanese Makeup Fall 2015

Japanese Fall 2015 Makeup Collections are starting to launch in Japan and I couldn’t be more excited as a lot of the releases I’m seeing have beautiful chocolate-y shades which will look fab on my big brown eyes! The Lunasol Fall 2015 Collection is particularly gorgeous with a chocolate inspired theme that includes new shadow quads, duos, and delicious natural, nude chocolate shades for lips!

Here are 5 Japanese Makeup & Beauty Cravings for Fall 2015 you’re sure to adore.