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When Life Brings You Lemons…….

When life brings you lemons, I say squeeze a blog out of ‘em and make lemonade!

It’s a LONGGGGGGGG night my friends and sleep has taken another holiday on me! Indeed, it has! I’m serious! It’s gone off to some island and is taking in the sun! It might even be scoring with hot chicks (I’m making that part up)!

Hell, the last time sleep took off on me I started blogging to Jonny’s mum! Whom, hasn’t replied to me yet! Hint Hint! Nudge Nudge! It’s ok. I’ll be over shortly and you can make me a nice cuppa and tell me all his embarressing moments! My ears are open!

When sleep is on holiday it’s a darn good time to blog about my favorite topic…..go on now…..you know what it is dontcha?

That’s right! Make-up!!!!!!! Before I carry on with my blog of great importance I will say that I am sorry I’ve been remiss in the couture department! Summer fashions aren’t as appealing to me as Winter ones so you’ll see me blogging way more about couture in the Fall and Winter months than you will in the Summer!

That said…let’s move on to the good stuff!

My lovely, sweet, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, and loving friend Mai is coming from Japan to stay with me shortly. Hi Mai! I know you read this lovie!

I got a package from Mai this pass week! Mai is my asian cosmetic crack dealer. She is, it’s true. Don’t worry her english sucks so right now she’s scratching her head and possibly her arse and wondering what a crack dealer is (don’t worry she can take a joke and loves when I tease her)! Love you Mai!


Within this gorgeous, amazing, bright, shiny, huge package, there be treasure maties! Oh my was it ever the package of all packages! I had asked Mai to pick me up some bits, bobs, and a little of this and that! By the time I was done I had raked up a bill with Mai that could put my first born child through college for the next four years of his life. Somehow, I convinced myself that it was ok to spend that much money on cosmetics because…because….I dunno how I convinced myself it was ok! Let’s not dwell on that right now!

Mai is now happily sitting on a Paypal payment from me that’ll fund her morgage for a year!

Yes yes I know I know! You want to see the amazing items I got don’t you? Greedy little buggers aren’t you?


Aube Sofina Limited Edition Fruitina Lipgloss
Picture025 400x300 1
These are awesome! I’m well chuffed and disappointed I didn’t order 10 more! Super duper glossy and shimmering! I just didn’t like the fact that they weren’t flavored. That was somewhat crummy! They taste sorta yuk! But I guess I can deal with it! Those are real
Swarvoski crystals embedded in the top! Pretty neat right?

Lavshuca Jewel Lipstick
Picture027 400x300

Picture028 400x300
Really pleased with these as well! I was shocked that it turned out these are NOT full size lipsticks! They are mini ones! Very cute and very portable! I was under the impression they were larger! Aside from that they are great! I picked the color selections from my mate PJ’s blog and I’m glad I went with them because they are both great colors! Can’t go wrong with PJ! I want more of these as well! They go on quite sheer and are just a blush of color for your lips! Nice product!

T’estimo Eyeshadow Singles
Picture029 400x300

Picture030 400x300
I’m a T’estimo whore! But my entire time purchasing T’estimo cosmetics I’ve never once purchased an eyeshadow single! These are my first! Not much to say really! They are just as wonderful as anything you find in the palettes! Possibly even nicer to have a single color outside the palette theme! Really enjoy how sparkling and shimmery they go on!

Lavshuca Blush
Picture031 400x300
These were introduced as part of the summer lineup! Rubbish. I purchased the mosiac blushes prior to these and was disappointed! I should have known better! Not even a sheer wash of color from these! Barely pigmented! Absolute garbage! Up on E-bay tomorrow! Was kinda hoping for a better product! Oh well! Win some, lose some!

Shiseido Maquillage Glossy Gloss
Picture032 400x300

Picture033 400x300

Picture034 400x300 3
There are certain brands of cosmetics that are like bread! You go to the store, you buy bread, you eat the bread and it’s good! It’s rare that you buy bread that you hate (hell take it from a round girl, carbs are GOOD)! Shiseido is like bread! Anything you buy from Shiseido is an absolute winner! You can’t really go wrong. It’s a solid cosmetic brand that makes outstanding products. These glosses are just what they say “glossy gloss”! Intense shine and gloss! Really just perfect!

Lavshuca Loose Face Powder
Picture035 400x300

Picture036 400x300 1
This is an interesting little find! I use a unique little product, that I won’t reveal since I have to have some secrets, to lighten my face. I purchased this as a possible replacement! And I’m quite delighted to say it can’t be used in the same manner as I use the other shhhh secret product! I’m delighted because this is actually a shimmering powder that makes my cheeks and face look all sparkle like and lovely! Really like this one!

Jill Stuart Blush
Picture037 400x300

Picture038 400x300

Picture039 400x300 2
Some Jill Stuart Blushes I didn’t have! I have almost all the colors now! These were just as great as all my others icon smile

Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes Summer 2007 Eyeshadow Palette
Picture040 400x300
This is the 5th palette they introduced for the
Brilliance Eyes collection! I own them all and I love them! This one however was…mmm slightly disappointing! I was not loving the black color! Why they felt the need to put in black is beyond me! But hey the rest are cool icon smile

Jill Stuart Loose Powder
Picture043 400x300 1

Picture044 400x300

Picture045 400x300 1
Gorgeous shimmering powder! I already have this in the Shine and Natural colors and this is by far my favorite! Sparkle! Weeeeeee!

The Pretty Boxes Jill Stuart Arrived In!
Picture046 400x300

Lavashuca Lipstick
Picture047 400x300 1

Picture048 400x300
Not much to say about these! I have a zillion already and these are just some extra colors I wanted! Sheer, glossy and wonderful as always!

Picture050 400x300

Picture052 400x300
Again, not much to say! I have a ton already but wanted a few more icon wink Great colors! Shimmering, glossy, and sheer! These are what MAC slimshines hope to be like when they grow up!

So that pretty much concludes our tour of my latest purchases! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed posting it! Drop me an e-mail if you have questions about where to purchase these items or what countries they are available in! My ear is yours! I’m always pleased to help!

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Jill Stuart Fall Collection

Oh my! Summer has just begun and already news of Jill Stuart’s Fall Collection has fallen upon my ears! My heart is racing at the prospect of new Jill Stuart bits!

The fall line will launch in August and the following lovely items will be released:

-5 Blushes in portable packaging (No fancy vanity jar I’m guessing a slick compact)
-Point Crystal Loose Eyeshadow in 5 Shades (Limited Edition)
-3 New Shades of Lip Lustres
-2 New of Brilliance Eye Palettes
-2 New Shades of Jelly Eyes (Not a personal favorite of mine)
-3 New Nail Polish Shades

September will bring the release of a portable brush set, a lip cream, and an eyebrow powder!

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An Introduction to Japanese Brands Part Deux

One good turn deserves another or so some wise man told me…hmm maybe it was a wise woman! Either way to add to my Asian inspired blog of yesterday I decided to bring to you today a higher end brand of product!

Jill Stuart!

My oh my it just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Now Jill Stuart is quite well known for gorgeous couture! However, sadly, this girl is unable to squeeze my wobbly bits into anything Jill Stuart designs! Like all good couture, Jill Stuart’s entire line is not meant for short, round, and average. It ranges towards slim, leggy, and gorgeous! I can lovingly admire from afar but the general idea of actually purchasing anything from the line is but a dream! I imagine when they design these things they aren’t picturing small and round and really who can blame them?

Just for the fun of it let’s have a little lookee at what the line looks like shall we? I promise to get back to cosmetics shortly!

Winter 2006


Winter 2006

Hmmm I wonder if we can find cheap knock offs in bigger sizes?!? Doubt it! A girl can keep hope alive can’t she?

Everyone still with me? I know it’s hard to keep your train of thought after viewing such astounding pieces but please try to keep from falling off your chair and let’s get back to what the original topic of conversation was!

Now, you may or may not be in a similar situation as me and if you are I do indeed have good news for you! Situation being that you too are in the short and round pond!

The good news is that Jill Stuart has put out an entire line of drop dead amazing beauty items! These are probably some of the most amazing products in my collection! And I don’t have to be a size zero to indulge!!!!! HOORAY!

Jill Stuart is a virgin to the beauty world but this doesn’t mean that they have failed in putting out such a line of product that your eyes will roll back into your head and you may feel the effects of orgasmic delight when you see some of the amazing items they have in store for the avid beauty fan!

Jill Stuart is in no way a mainstream line of make-up! Prices range along the lines of Chanel, Dior, and Givenchy. And how very dare I say it but these exceptional pieces steal much of my love away from some of my very favorite posh brand of beauty products!

This spring was a landmark for the company as they introduced 4 new eyeshadow palettes and much to the delight of myself and fans everywhere a 5th for the summer collection (I have mine currently on order! It will ship June 1! Squeal with me would you?)!

The palettes are the type of item that take center stage on your vanity! The packaging is like nothing you can find on our shores!

I guess I should stop babbling and bring you on to the climax of the actual product!

Without further words from me, I’ll go ahead and let the products speak for themselves!

From my collection to your eyes, I bring you the masterpieces of Jill Stuart Beauty! (I did my best to keep as much light and flash on the product as possible when I took the pictures so you wouldn’t miss one tiny bit of detail!)

Picture006 400x300

Picture007 400x300

Picture008 400x300

Spring 2007 Blush
Picture012 400x300

Sparkle Powder
Picture009 400x300

Picture010 400x300

A majority of the color collections are difficult to get and expensive to ship over! But if you are lucky enough to nab these beautiful pieces you won’t regret it!

The shadows are highly pigmented, the blushes are smooth and flawless looking, and the powders are pure perfection!

This girl gives them her highest rating of approval!