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Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm Review & Swatches

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm1

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm ($18 at Gooddealer) is a new pot lip balm with a highly emollient formula for keeping lips super soft, hydrated, and nourished.

It’s supposedly formulated with three types of honey which include rose, orange, and lavender honey as well as rose hip oil and shea butter.

Let’s take a look!


Jill Stuart Lip Blossom Review & Swatches

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom7

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom is a new lipstick launched for Spring 2014 that gives lips luminous shine and color with a moisturizing formula rich in lavender and avocado oil.

The packaging is inspired by the fairy tale Thumbelina with a floral motif and Jill Stuart’s very elegant touch.

Take a look!


Why Yes, Jill CC Cream Is Now Available In Japan This Week

Jill Stuart CC Cream Spring 2014

If you were wondering when Jill Stuart was going to jump on the BB Cream wagon, well forget it. They just skipped to the CC Cream wagon. Launching in Japan (I already have it nanner nanner nanner) on February 28th from my understanding the new Jill Stuart Airy Tint CC Cream will be available in two shade choices.

Take a peek!

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Jill Stuart Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Jill Stuart Spring 2014

Spring is in the air this week as the Jill Stuart Spring 2014 Makeup Collection launches in Japan. The collection is inspired by Thumbelina and features a new Lip Blossom Lipstick which is a lipstick “born from a blooming flower” which is a reference to the new packing I suppose that’s decorate with a floral motif!

Take a look it’s a rather stunning little collection!


Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Review

Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist

Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist released back in Japan back in Spring 2008 or so. I never did a get to try this facial mist as I had other things that popped into my cart that Spring…!

As a fond fan of Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil I decided to give this a go a year or so ago. As hey, I like Jill Stuart’s Beauty line and I love me some facial mist.

Take a look!