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Dr. Jart+ Dermask Collection Launch

Dr. Jart Dermask Collection

Heads up sheet mask fan girls the new Dr. Jart+ Dermask Collection is now available at Sephora and Sephora.com. The Dr. Jart+ Dermask Collection is inspired by cosmetic procedures such as hyaluronic acid injections, laser peels, INTRAcel treatments and Botox injections. Fast and easy to use, these masks provide effects similar to their costlier dermatological treatment counterparts.

All of the masks in the collection are free of parabens, tar dyes, mineral oil, emulsifiers, talc, artificial fragrances, denatured alcohol, benzophenone, triethanolamine and sulfate-based surfactants.

Let’s take a look!


Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks

staycation beauty makeup

I typically go away a few times a year but I save my big vacation for the Summer. This year, I decided I wanted to do a bigger vacation in the Fall versus one in the Summer so I’ve had a ton of smaller trips this Summer but not a big two week or more getaway.

Some of of my Summer getaways were road trips, others were by plane, and one was even by train!

If you’re anything like me and either decided to do a Fall vacation, just haven’t had the time in your schedule for a Summer vacation, or perhaps you had a really busy Summer and need a break this would be a great time plan a weekend Staycation. Just pick one day, maybe a lazy Saturday, where you stay at home, binge watch your fav show, read a book, watch a movie, spend a few hours wasting away playing Batman Arkham Knight, just do something you and you alone enjoy doing! Make it an indulgence, spoil yourself, and don’t forget some of these Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks.


Tony Moly Now Sold at Ulta

tony moly sephora

Not a lot of it but Tony Moly is now sold at Ulta.com! Tony Moly is starting to expand it’s collection on Sephora.com but more exciting still is the fact that this Korean brand is now sold at Ulta.com. I hope to see it in store too soon (keeping my fingers crossed).

Also they Soap & Glory Collection has launched at Ulta.com and should be in stores shortly.

Happy Days!


10 Awesome Asian Beauty & Makeup Products You Can Buy Now at Sasa

japanese korean makeup

I like lists especially lists that contain beauty from Asia! So here’s a little of 10 Awesome Asian Beauty & Makeup Products You Can Buy Now at Sasa.com!

Take a peek, you might need one or two of these goodies!


Chik Tok Tok Chik Tok Tok!