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Where to buy Korean and Japanese Makeup and Skincare you ask? Good question, I’m glad you asked! Asian makeup, skincare, and beauty aren’t always local to people who live in rural areas and aren’t in larger cities and heck, even sometimes when you live in a larger city you might have a difficult time locating good Korea and Japanese makeup products because you either 1. don’t live in a city with a larger Asian community or 2. your city just sucks…naaa I’m only kidding!

I’m in New York and lord knows even with a larger Asian community in places such as Flushing it does prove difficult to locate certain brands and products I’m looking for.

I’m always asked where is the best place to shop for Etude House, Jill Stuart, Tony Moly, etc…etc….

Honestly? The biggest and best selection of Korean and Japanese Makeup, Skincare, and Beauty is right online at your finger tips. Sure sometimes you’ll have to wait for airmail and this could be frustrating if you’re an instant gratification type a gal or guy. But many online stores offer EMS shipping which arrives within a few days and even regular airmail typically takes 8-10 days in most cases.

So here’s a list of some great online stores to buy Korean and Japanese Makeup and Skincare.


Do Not Eat


Missha Geumsul Vitalizing Stick Eye Cream Review

Missha Geumsul Vitalizing Stick Eye Cream3

Missha Geumsul Vitalizing Stick Eye Cream ($24) is a recently introduced product in the Missha Misa Collection that became available this past January.

It’s probably one of Missha’s more expensive products because lord knows the brand is all about inexpensively awesome Asia beauty products. Can I just say that Missha is going places and I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they pop up in Target like Laneige. As a Korean brand they have made such an impact across the US online community. It’s fabulous to see! I wish more Asian beauty brands would take Missha’s lead!

Needless to say I’m all about Missha Geumsul Vitalizing Stick Eye Cream as it’s an innovative way to get a little moisture under your eyes!


Etude House Magic Any Cushion Launches in Korea

Etude House Magic Any Cushion Spring 2014

If you’re a fond fan of Etude House Baby Choux and you really enjoy Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion you’ll likely love the idea of the brand new Etude House Magic Any Cushion that got a release in Korea recently.

Etude House Magic Any Cushion takes the packaging and formulation of Precious Mineral Any Cushion and adds in the color correcting benefits of Baby Choux for a new application experience.


Laneige Sold at Target


Yup, you read that right! Popular Asian beauty and skincare brand Laneige is now sold at Target and Target.com! As a long time fan of Laneige it’s with great delight I share this news today! No more E-bay, no more online shopping, no more airmail, no more long waiting to get your favorite Laneige products from Asia! Now you can hop, skip, and jump your way to Target and load up on all your favorite Laneige beauty and skincare products.