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Lush Halloween 2015 Is Here!

lush halloween 2015

Listen, it’s still Fall no matter how many Holiday Collections you see popping up! So let’s discuss Lush Halloween 2015 and get in the spirit for the best Holiday of the year (imho, of course!).

This year the Lush Halloween 2015 Collection brings back some old favorites like the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and some new ones too like the Aliens and Monsters Fun Bar!

Take a peek at these treats!


Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks

staycation beauty makeup

I typically go away a few times a year but I save my big vacation for the Summer. This year, I decided I wanted to do a bigger vacation in the Fall versus one in the Summer so I’ve had a ton of smaller trips this Summer but not a big two week or more getaway.

Some of of my Summer getaways were road trips, others were by plane, and one was even by train!

If you’re anything like me and either decided to do a Fall vacation, just haven’t had the time in your schedule for a Summer vacation, or perhaps you had a really busy Summer and need a break this would be a great time plan a weekend Staycation. Just pick one day, maybe a lazy Saturday, where you stay at home, binge watch your fav show, read a book, watch a movie, spend a few hours wasting away playing Batman Arkham Knight, just do something you and you alone enjoy doing! Make it an indulgence, spoil yourself, and don’t forget some of these Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks.


Lush Life’s a Beach Body Scrub for Smooth, Soft Skin

lush life's a beach

Lush Life’s a Beach Body Scrub ($6.95) is a new body scrub creation that will benefit the waterways from microbead pollution! 100% of the purchase price is donated to organizations committed to protecting our waterways.

So what’s Life’s a Beach? Every go to the beach, walk or lay in the sand, and come home and feel like your skin is so damn smooth? So yeah, sand is a natural exfoliant and Lush harvests that in this new scrub!


Combat Oily Summer Skin with Lush Imperialis and Lush Eau Roma Water

Lush Imperialis Lush Eau Roma

So Summer seems to be on the way finally and I’ll have to combat oily Summer skin soon! Well actually, I already am! I’m typically pretty dry in the Winter but Summer arrives and suddenly my forehead is oily, my cheeks are kinda dry, yet my nose and chin are producing a ton of oil. It’s a combination of crazy. But mostly, I’m pretty shiny.

I do blame the weather! My skin hits warm weather and suddenly it starts producing a lot more oily but also I blame my SPF at times. I feel quite shiny sometimes after applying my sunscreen! Whatever it is, I know my skin is far from dry in the Summer!

How do I combat oily Summer skin? By switching up my skincare routine!

If you’re struggling with mildly oily skin or combination skin Lush Imperialis Moisturizer and Lush Eau Roma Water is the perfect power couple to beat your Summer oily skin issues!