Prescriptives Lustre Holiday Color Collection Review and Swatches

Days like today are the days I realize how much I’ll miss Prescriptives when it’s gone for good. Although many of you expressed sadness and outrage over the base makeup items in the collection, I’m actually quite saddened over the limited edition items. I really enjoy special collection releases from Prescriptives and this year’s Lustre Holiday Color Collection is truly brilliant.

Stepping up Holiday with an array of color gift sets, plus the new Holiday Cheek and Eye Palette, and now a full color collection, Prescriptives is going out with a bang.

Prescriptives Lustre Holiday Color Collection 1

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Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush Living Doll Review

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush is probably one of the first items that caught my attention when I first seen promo images from the revamp. Looking at it I had warm, fuzzy thoughts about MAC Mineralized Skinfinish. Someone cure a screeching record because NO way is this like an MSF. Naaaa, nope, no way, no how.

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush 11

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NARS The Multiple Review

NARS The Multiply Orgasm 1

The Muse has decided she needs to be educated and you, as a reader of her crazy babbling, need to do the educating. With all the hype that surrounds NARS The Multiple I decided it was time to try it for myself. Indeed, you read that correctly, I have never tried these. I really like NARS in general but I’m not too big a fan of cream blushes so The Multiple never tickled me as something I absolutely had to have otherwise my sky would come crashing down upon me. That feeling has been known to come upon me from time to time in regards to makeup.

Moral of the story is during Sephora Friends and Family I decided well wow here’s a good excuse to indulge.

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Philosophy The Supernatural You Make Me Blush Mineral Blush Duo Review

While away in California I ended up getting a little too toasty for my liking.  SPF’ing myself to death didn’t keep the warm sunny San Diego sun from blessing my medium fair skin with the kiss of death aka a golden glow.  No likey a tan of any kind.

My skin is finally adjusting back to it’s normal shade but it’s in the between stages which means dullness.   Lucky enough Philosophy took a hint from my Tips and Tricks for Bronze Application by combining a warm shade of bronze with a kiss of warmer blush to spice up my dull skin and bring back that golden glow from California.

Philosophy The Supernatural You Make Me Blush Mineral Blush Duo 1

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Avon Smooth Minerals Review and Swatches

I’ve been purposely hanging on to the Avon Smooth Minerals Collection until the site had them in stock.  As I recall I reviewed some lip items a few months ago that weren’t available online and had to be purchased directly through a rep.  This caused for many e-mails asking, “but where can I get them if not online?”   I imagine everyone doesn’t have an Avon rep hanging out in their closet that they can bring out and order from you are wanting something….

Avon Smooth Minerals 13

See my mentality?

Point being I did wait until the collection was up and online until I hopped on board with my review so they are easily available now for your purchasing pleasure.

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