Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Review & Swatches

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour

I purchased by first Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour several weeks ago. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “How did you get out of purchasing only one?”

I avoid mineral companies like the plague because I have too much of a OCD personality that demands I collect every single shade they offer. Believe me it was difficult casually browsing OCC Makeup Pigments and coming away from the deal with a purchase of a single pot. I swear after I hit submit on my purchase I broke into a cold sweat and almost turned around the add one of every color into my cart.

Lucky enough I had a little willpower and quickly shut down my browser and powered off my computer. It was a close call…

Take a look!


Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Palette Review & Swatches

Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes

What’s not to love about a chocolate bar shaped eye palette? Etude House’s new Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes Palette is shaped like a cute little bar of chocolate and even smells like one (it has a faint chocolate-y fragrance).

I can’t be the only person that thinks this is absolutely adorable!


Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes Review & Swatches

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes

My review on the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes is a long time coming but I’ve finally completed my testing with them! Good news as I know MANY of you were eager to hear about these.

These are a fantastic follow up to Clinique’s wildly popular Chubby Lip Balms and excellent marketing on Clinique’s part if you think about. I mean think about it, we all know and love the balms so of course, introduce a similiar product for eyes and we’re bound to get excited about it. Imagine if they did a blush pencil? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t run to your counter to grab a blush pencil…!

Launched in twelve shades these are $16 each (buy two and get free shipping at Clinique.com using code CHUBBY) so they fall rather nicely into a mid-range cosmetic lover’s budget. I feel the price is very reasonable and borders beauty budget and mid-range pricing.

Take a peek!


Stila On the Red Carpet Palette And The Winner Is Review & Swatches

Stila has two new On the Red Carpet Palettes featuring six eyeshadows, highlighter, blush, and a Smudge Stick that’s available exclusively at QVC.

Stila On the Red Carpet Palette

And The Winner Is…is the warmer of the two palettes and has a nice array of beautiful nudes and naturals.

Take a peek!


Hard Candy Poppin Pigments Review & Swatches

Hard Candy Poppin Pigments

Hard Candy has a new collection of Poppin Pigment vials that launched for Spring. Like I freaking need more pigments. At one time in my makeup life I had to have every SINGLE shade of MAC Pigment every made. I have a drawer completely dedicated to them. This is why I avoid…ABSOLUTELY avoid mineral makeup. Because I cannot control myself when it comes to loose pigments in an array of gorgeous colors.

I see them on Etsy, I browse Meow Cosmetics, and all those other E-tailers and suddenly I go into WANT mode. Want mode is kinda like a rabid animal. Foaming mouth, wild hair, bugging eyes, and a credit card. It’s so bloody dangerous! People could get hurt!

Reader’s always ask me, “Hey, why don’t you cover indie makeup brands and minerals?” Because I HAVE NO CONTROL. I’d be broke trying to collect all the shades these people put out. And forget about the fact they do collections as often as MAC does. Someone HOLD ME I’m starting to get twitchy.

However, I do have some room in my stash for Hard Candy Poppin Pigments and thankfully they have irritating packaging so I’m not inclined to go traipsing through the Walmart aisles pushing people aside so I can grab all eight shades.