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NYX HD Finishing Powder Review & Swatches

NYX HD Finishing Powder

NYX HD Finishing Powder ($10) is a new translucent finishing powder available in three different shades with a matte finish that launched permanently for Spring 2015. I know, you’re probably thinking, “well there’s plenty of finishing powders on the market already, what sets this one apart?”

It’s actually available in the regular transparent white version AS WELL as a green shade to diffuse redness and a banana one that will lighten up duller complexion! Or in my case, I purchased the banana because I thought it would be great to set my concealer!

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Besame Brightening Vanilla Face Powder Review & Swatches

Besame Brightening Vanilla Face Powder

I am in love with Besame Brightening Vanilla Face Powder and Besame French Vanilla Face Powder ($22) today! Recently, I was at Sephora at the check out going through the mile long area of bins that they put by the registers as you wait in line. You know, the makeup incentive bins that make you buy stuff you don’t need. To my surprise, inside one of the bins, was Besame Brightening Vanilla Face Powder.

Now I had tried Besame in the past, it’s kinda an old Hollywood indie brand that not a ton of people know about (they have great products by the very way) But I had never tried their powders so imagine my delight upon trying out the sample and realizing what a great dupe it would make for my beloved and much gone Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder.

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It Cosmetics New Year Your Most Beautiful Skin Review & Swatches

It Cosmetics January QVC Today's Special Value

The It Cosmetics New Year Your Most Beautiful Skin ($59.94) debuts today as a QVC Today’s Special Value. The It Cosmetics New Year Your Most Beautiful Skin includes five full size It Cosmetics products and will be available as a one time shipment or you can sign up for auto delivery. If you do sign up for auto delivery you’ll get the same set for $49.54 which includes ALL of the same items in all of the same shades (including the lipstick color) sans the Buffing Foundation Brush. The auto delivery can be canceled at any time.

This set brings together some new items as well as some old favorites in new packaging.

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NYX Color Correcting Powder Review & Swatches

NYX Color Correcting Powder

NYX Color Correcting Powder ($10 0.21 oz) is a new permanent color correcting powder available in green, banana, and lavender shade selections.

You likely already know what a huge fan I am of The Skin Food Dark Circle Powder and unfortunately, I’m starting to run low on it and Skin Food discontinued the powder might to my horror. I’m always shopping alternatives to replace the powder and I’ve found a few I really like such as Ben Nye Banana Powder but I’m always on the look out for the next best thing.

When NYX Color Correcting Powder launched a few weeks ago I decided to order two of the three shades and see how they performed to set my concealer and maybe I’d get lucky and love the formula as much as I do Skin Food’s Dark Circle Powder!

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It Cosmetics CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder Review & Swatches

CC Airbrush Perfecting Powder1

It Cosmetics CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder is a new Your Skin But Better lighting setting powder that’s launching with the It Cosmetics January QVC Today’s Special Value on the 19th of this month!

I know you’re probably thinking this is a retake on It Cosmetics Celebration Powder but actually, I liked it considerably more!

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