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Estee Lauder Ultimate Red: Estee Lauder Opulent Shimmer Powder Review, Photos, and Swatches

Another year and a new powder pops up from Estee Lauder.  The Muse comes to expect beautiful powders from our friends at Estee Lauder and they never fail.  It’s quite like clockwork really.  New season, new powder.

Estee Lauder Ultimate Red Estee Lauder Opulent Shimmer Powder 1

As for this Muse she looks forward to the Holidays as that’s the best time of the year for a gorgeous, shimmering gold compact from Estee Lauder.

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Cle de Peau Beaute Holiday Palette Vintage Review and Swatches

Ahhh today feels like a good day to enjoy some beautiful eye candy and let me tell you nothing is more beautiful for brightening my day up than the brand new Cle de Peau Beaute Holiday Palette Vintage.

Cle de Peau Beaute Holiday Palette Vintage 1

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Victoria’s Secret Exotic Jewels Collection: Victoria’s Secret Luminous Face Powder Gems Review

Victorias Secret Exotic Jewels Collection 4

Victoria’s Secret is snoozing on the job.  The Muse happened to wander into VS a few days ago and came across the new Victoria’s Secret Exotic Jewels Collection…but hello?  No word of it on their website.   Hey guys wake up, we need to know more deets about these things.

Have no fear though the good word is here from your Muse.  It’s rather gorgeous peeps.  I hauled one item from it which I’ll review for you today plus I’ll show you a few pics of the other items that are coming out.

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Aromaleigh Silk Powder Primer Review

The Muse happens to be quite addicted to transparent powders for some reason especially ones that promise to make me flawless. Aromaleigh Silk Powder Primer preps your face for mineral foundation supposedly leaving behind a flawless canvas for makeup!

Does it work?

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The general idea of this powder is to use it as a prep and prime prior to minerals. Since my main foundation of choice aren’t minerals it’s somewhat useless however I did want to try it out anyway. I’m actually pretty impressed with it

I used it in three separate ways. Once to prime my face prior to using Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Foundation, secondly as finishing, setting powder, and thirdly to mask minor flaws prior to using a cheek stain sans foundation. As a primer it works remarkably well. It’s difficult to explain the results but my mineral makeup looks more refined and finished when I use this prior to application. As a setting powder it doesn’t really work as the powder is a bit on the thick side and white causing a strange cast of weird on my face. It also doesn’t work very well on it’s own as again same strange white cast when used.

The powder is quite a thick texture and not as silky as many transparent powders I’ve used. It blends quite well and in regards to prepping for minerals it exceeds and does the job well. It’s actually meant for normal or combination skin types but it worked well enough on my crazy not sure what it wants to be skin at the moment. The powder acts almost like a barrier or shield between your skin and the mineral foundation of your choice. This technique allows for your minerals to last longer and look flawless.

It supposedly refines pores and fine lines but I have neither so I can’t speak for that. It also claims to be a natural moisture absorbing powder so as the temperature and humidity changes in your environment it’ll keep your oily skin under control. I’ve used it in the normal oily places on my face such as forehead and sides of noses but didn’t notice too much of a difference. This has to be explored further before I have my final say on that feature.

Overall, it’s a good product if you’re a mineral foundation user however if your dominate foundation is liquid or cream you can safely skip. I think it’s worthy of a try out for mineral users as you’ll notice your foundation will last longer while your face will have a more flawless look.

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Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder Review

I haven’t seen Get Smart yet starring Steve Carrel and Anne Hathaway but supposedly this little compact by Peter Thomas Roth is playing a starring role in the film! Anne Hathaway’s character, Agent 99, whips this slick little compact out mid-movie!


That alone made me want to have the compact for all my own. I want to be as cool, slick, and stealth-like as a secret agent with my awesome Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder!

Yay baby!

In all seriousness if I randomly whipped this out on a busy street in Manhattan do you think anyone would take notice of my awesomeness?

Probably not…..le sigh…..but a girl can dream! Maybe if I take the next step and slip it out while I’m leaping tall buildings….

Oh well we can’t all be as wonderfully super agent-like as Orlando Bloom can we? Come to think about it maybe he’s not being super-agent wonderful maybe he’s bi-polar! Hmmm the possibilities are endless!

Ok, ok as much as I know how much you absolutely adore my ramblings prior to a review…the show…or in this case the review…must go on……………..

For starters I can’t say this helps on wrinkles as I have none aside from small lines under my eyes however this little guy promises to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, expression lines, and fine lines so if you’re sporting any of those you might want to pick this compact up!

At first glance I was horrified at the dull beige color it was! The powder is available in one shade suits all and honestly looking at it makes you wonder about that. I was really scared to even attempt slipping it on my face as it was really dark. Turns out the color is translucent yet it somehow manages to offer awesome coverage at the same time.


I was prepared to be disappointed but I honestly like this stuff. One key point that deserves to be mentioned is the fact that I used it under my eyes with no problem. At one point in my life I was able to apply powder under my eyes without a problem but this past year or so I’ve noticed that if I do I age myself by about 10 years. This is simply because the powder gets trapped in the fine lines under my eyes making them appear older!

When I applied this I experienced no such problem. The formula is surprisingly light and feels like I have nothing on. That simple fact made me fall in love with this.

This promises to retain moisture as well as set makeup. I haven’t yet worn it out but I’m curious how much longer my makeup will less with it on! Since the weather is hot the last thing I want to do is have dewy skin but the “retain moisture” sounds like absolute perfection to my ears for the Winter!

Here’s a simple FOTD using the Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder, MAC Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl from the Heatherette release, and some lipglass! That’s all!

Picture+018 400x300

The packaging isn’t anything to get too excited about as it’s just a simple, slick black compact but it does have a compartment underneath for stowing away your powder puff which for me is always a plus!


The puff this comes with is extremely thin and cheap however it did do a good job applying the product lightly to my face but I’d have liked a bit of a better quality puff for the price of $31 USD.

The contains all sorts of anti-aging peptides as well! Hmm a powder with peptides? Cool!

I’m honestly pretty impressed with this guy. If I can smooth this under my eyes without problems it’s definately worth purchasing a second one!

The Muse is definately liking it! Actually it might even have the potential for Muse Approval for purchase…must test more and get back to you on that!

The powder is available exclusively via QVC at the moment so if you want it head on over and type in Item Number A85040 to grab it for yourself!

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