L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

They tell me imitation is the highest form of flattery. Perhaps Maybelline Dream Mousse is feeling all kinds of flattered that L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation is looking all kinds of similar.

L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation just recently launched and should be at your local drugstores. It’s a whipped souffle-like foundation much like Dream Mousse. Don’t quote me, I’m not an expert, but this is probably only the second whipped foundation within the US market. I can’t honestly think of another available here in the US.

Now I like whipped foundations ALOT particularly Bourjous’ version, damn that stuff is amazing. However, I’ve had my ups and downs with Dream Mousse and normally stick to using it in the Summer when I want lighter coverage.

I was all about trying this new version from L’Oreal and was quite curious how it would stand up against other formulas I’ve tried in the “whipped” realm.

LOreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation 6

Let’s have a look!


Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation 1

I have an odd obsession with mousse foundations, one of my favs is from Bourjois Paris.

One of the reasons I love mousse so much is because it gives my skin such a beautiful finish however in most cases a formula such as this is more of a mattifying one and not so fab for drier skin like my own.

Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation is part of the new Avon Healthy Makeup champagne is supposedly helps to keep moisture locked in.

Does it work?



Pixi Flawless Beauty Stick Review and Swatches

A long time ago in another galaxy far, far away I used to use Benefit Playsticks. Remember those? Retro beauty moment.

Recently the Pixi Flawless Beauty Stick passed across my desk and it just reminded me how simple life was when foundation was easiest when applied from a stick.

Pixi Flawless Beauty Stick 5

By the way 11 shades of Dior Nail Polishes are releasing for Holiday 2010. Love me much nail girls?



Shiseido Perfect Complexion Kit Review and Swatches

There’s something terribly appealing about flawless skin but I gotta say that the idea of complexion perfection packaged in a neat-o little box for under $50 kinda makes me hyper.

Meet the new Shiseido Perfect Complexion Kit.

Shiseido Perfect Complextion Kit 1

Laura Mercier started the flawless box trend but Shiseido steals this show with some pretty incredible offerings in a single box for perfecting your face and getting you looking all kinds of stupid flawless.

You NEED this.

Shiseido Perfect Complextion Kit 3



Lush Colour Supplements Review and Swatches

If you happen to be a long term Lush fan you probably remember B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Ahh I can’t talk about B without shedding a few fat tears. B was Lush’s hip sister and caters to the realms of Lush makeup and cosmetics. Fab right?

The sad thing is, B is long since gone but not forgotten it seems as Lush is bringing more and more of B to its current offerings as you may have noticed. Where as Lush was all about Bath, Body, and Skincare in a past life, it now embraces a few choice cosmetics, B’s influence? Possibly.

Lush Colour Supplements 1

Lush’s first venture into the cosmetic world would be with the new Lush Colour Supplements.

Interesting concept….

Check it!