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Lush Double Choc Lip Tint Review, Swatches, Photos

Lush Double Choc Lip Tint 2

I had heck of a great success with Lush It Started With a Kiss. How about you guys? Loving it? Leaving it? Do share. I like it, alot. A bit too much in fact. It makes minimal makeup a snap! I wore it all weekend because I was all kinds of lazy about doing my makeup so I dabbed some on my cheeks and lips and went to town and got a ton of comments about how fresh faced I looked, why don’t I look fresh faced with my 10 layers of makeup that I normally wear?! Ha!

No but seriously it’s such minimal makeup at its best especially since I’ve taken to multitasking it as a cheek stain! Loves!

How about Lush Double Choc Lip Tint?

Chance of a great outcome since It Started With a Kiss is such a fond fav.

Let’s have a lookiee!


Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint Review and Swatches

Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint 2

I hoard Snow Fairy Shower Gel like a crazy lady. I love the stuff. I get several bottles each year for fear that the next time Lush releases its Holiday Collection that Snow Fairy won’t be included.

I should know better.

It always comes back but still the fear that it won’t is a very, very, very real thing. Imagine a Christmas without Snow Fairy? Gasp! Horrifying to even consider.

Lucky enough Snow Fairy is back again this year and even though it graces my shower 365 days of the year, thanks to my hoarding tendencies, I’m still happy to hail its return. Happy days Lush has extended the graces of Snow Fairy to a lip tint too!

Check it!


Lush Maple Taffy Lip Balm Review and Photos

Lush Maple Taffy Lip Balm 1

Lush Maple Taffy Lip Balm came across as a tad weird for a Holiday release. I think maple and I automatically think Fall. But Lush released it as special ode to Canadian friends, inspired by the tradition of tapping maple sap and making sweet candy treats from it.



Lush It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint Review and Swatches

Lush It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint 4

Oh Lush, have I told you lately that I love you? Mmm forget it, I tell you too often. Don’t want you getting a big head about it now!

But I will say I simply adore your new It Started with a Kiss Lip Tint!

Gorgeous stuff, you need it.

Check it!


Unforgettable Moments Lip Balm Dewy Rose Review

Unforgettable Moments Lip Balm Dewy Rose 3

Anyone check out the Payless Beauty selection yet? Yes, your local shoe store has cosmetics, whoa!

I picked up a few pieces and I’ve been busy exploring a little bit to see what sorts of products are worth your dollar and whether you need ‘em or not.

Today I have one of the Unforgettable Moments Lip Balms in Dewy Rose. It’s cute little pot of balm for $3.99, could prove a sweet budget fine.

Let’s check it out!