L’Oreal Color of Hope Lipstick and L’Oreal Color of Hope Infalliable LipGloss Review and Swatches

Anyone pick up the new L’Oreal Color of Hope Lipstick and L’Oreal Color of Hope Infalliable LipGloss?  During a recent foray through CVS I came across both and was pretty impressed with the colors so I indulged.

LOreal Color of Hope 1

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Benefit Glitz, Glam, & Gloss Review

Hey Chicas!

Anyone doing X-Mas shopping yet?   I kinda sorta am.  I started way earlier as there are way too many incredible deals going on not too you know?   I already got most of my friend shopping done now I can concentrate on my fam.  And most important I’ve gotten my “me” gifts.  Ha, selfish Muse, very, selfish.

Speaking of gifting yourself I got another lip gloss set you might want to lay your hands on.  The new Benefit Glitz, Glam, & Gloss Set combines six glosses into three with a cool dual ended design.

Benefit Glitz Glam and Gloss Set 6

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Tarte Holiday Collection 2009: Tarte Crown Jewels LipGloss Gift Set Review and Swatches

Ok, let me so share with you a Musey Christmas story.  When I was little one item I could always look forward to when I was a little Muse would be those Lifesaver Christmas Books.

Please tell me I have a few older readers that remember these?


Basically it came with a life time supply of LifeSavers Candies (8 rolls but it seemed like a life time supply to me when I was a kid) in a little book style packaging.   I’ll bore you no more but the moral of the story is the new Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Set kinda reminds me of that days of old packaging from Lifesavers when I was an ickle baby.

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Bourjois Paris Effect 3D Max Review and Swatches

Fav gloss of the day moment here. Love, love, love me some Bourjois Paris Effect 3D Max. This has to be the best gloss that Bourjois Paris has done to date.

You need it in your life kids.

Bourjois Paris Effect 3D Max 6

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Stila 24K Luxe Lip Gloss Collection Review and Swatches

The Stila Summer Collection 2009 did not get as much publicity as it should have due to problems that cropped up for Stila this season.   As you know Stila did have some downtime due to economy reasons and the likes but was pulled back from the edge thankfully.   During this time I did feel like the Indian Summer Collection didn’t get the credit it richly deserved as it’s one of my favorite releases to date.

This is why I’m ever so pleased that Stila bundled up some of Summer and slapped it into a gift set for Holiday 2009.

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