DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss Review & Swatches

DHC x Tinker Bell Lipgloss

If you loved all over the Disney DHC Cleansing Oils I featured you’re sure to adore this cute DHC Tinker Bell Lipgloss! Ok, so we have had the Pixi Tinker Bell Glow Collection here in the US true but more Tinker Bell? I’m on board with that!


Chanel Hello Reflects D’ete De Chanel Glossimer Review & Swatches

Chanel Hello Reflects D'ete De Chanel Glossimer

Chanel Hello Reflects D’ete De Chanel Glossimer (184) is one of four, limited edition shades of Chanel Glossimer that launched with the
Chanel Summer 2014 Collection.

I love the jelly texture of these glosses but if you are shopping Chanel’s Summer Collection they aren’t all a must have as they do run very, very sheer and all the shades end up look the same on lips.

I think Chanel Hello Reflects D’ete De Chanel Glossimer is one of the more disappointing shades since it provides very little color and just shine.


Yves Rocher Summer 2014 Gloss Review & Swatches

Yves Rocher Summer 2014 Gloss

Yves Rocher has a delightful Summer 2014 Collection inspired by the Mediterranean Sea that launches this June on their website. Along with the collection they’ll be three limited edition Yves Rocher Summer 2014 Gloss shades available at a cheap thrill price of five bucks each.

Totally loving these cute Summer-y budget Yve Rocher Gloss colors!

Take a look!

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MAC Modern Lure Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Lipglass Modern Lure

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass is one of five new, limited edition shades launching with the MAC Alluring Aquatics Summer 2014 Collection.

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass definitely takes on less of a bronze-y look for your Summer look and embraces vampy to the max with this purpley violet shade.

Take a peek!


Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review & Swatches

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain promise the shine of a gloss, moisture of a balm, long wear of a stain, and the opaque coverage of a lipstick.

Available in 12 shades the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain formula is a nod to recently recent releases like Maybelline Color Elixir and L’Oreal Extraordinaire as well as Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains

These are a thicker product that do veer off into the realms of hybrid because they aren’t quite a gloss nor are they are a lipstick but more like a liquid like balm of sorts. They most remind me of Almay’s Liquid Lip Balm but not textured as similarly as Color Elixir or Extraordinaire both of which I find much lighter and less pigmented.

Let’s take a look!